Downton Abby...continued

I know you are wondering if season two is behind me.
It's not.
We haven't even put the DVD's in the slot yet as the evenings have been with other things that were prebooked.

What always amazes me is how once you know about something it seems like it is there..
around every corner.
That happened to me yesterday afternoon at 4 pm when I was in the kitchen.
 Katie announced her next guests were the cast from Downton Abbey.

Oh dear.
What to do?
I wondered if I watched it if it would be the equivalent of watching all the trailers from season two.

They came on stage then..
and I just wanted to see them.

They didn't spoil much for me but I have realized that the version of season one I watched on netflix missed some pretty important spots.

I'm guessing the episodes should have been longer than 47 minutes each?
Did you for instance see exactly what happened with a certain someone from an embassy being carted away in secret?

They didn't show me that and now I'm thinking I've been short-episoded.

Natalie dropped me off the full season two so I'm guessing I'll get caught up...

thanks for all the great suggestions for more programming like this.
I mentioned it to my beloved...
and I chose to take his look of disbelief was because he too....
was wondering how we never knew.

all for now...


  1. I posted a comment but saw it double posted, so I deleted one and they both now are gone!

    Just wanted to say we like Downton too, and enjoyed season 3. You should see if you can borrow season one - you missed quite a lot if you don't know what happened with Pamuk.


  2. I watched Season one from the library...I sure hope that set didn't miss any vitals scenes!!!!!
    Season two sits here waiting for me to start it. I am so in love with this show!

  3. I think you'd best ask your niece if she has season one, as you have missed something that will show up again in season two!

  4. I dvr'd the Katie show on it's re broadcast at 9 last night so I could watch it this morning. You'll get caught up with all you need to know with season 2 if I remember correctly...

  5. I watched the first two seasons from the library, but be warned there is likely a long waiting list. I waited several months. The case said they were the UK edition, which I'm sure is the full, proper story. You really must get the whole story. I bet your niece has season 1 in her library, too. :) My hubby feigned disinterest at first, but he is now equally enthralled. And rightly so. Now I need to look up that episode of Katie!

  6. How fun! I think there is an interview online from one of the big tv stations that I need to go and watch. I'm sorry you haven't had time to start season 2 yet! Today is our downton abbey tea party where we can watch episode 1 of season 3. Can't wait!!!

  7. I didn't see all of season 1 although I figured out what had happened from later episodes. I may have to revisit them.

    Love your new blog background!

  8. I'm out of the loop! Sounds like I'm missing a good show. I think I'm going to go to the library:)

  9. Oh... you make me smile . . . even though, like Kathy, I feel out of the loop. Kristal was trying to get the borrowed Season 1 to me, but that owner wanted it back.. so ... I'll find another way...

  10. Interesting... I haven't yet delved into the Downton series but now know that I will search for a boxed set of season 1 so that I don't miss any good bits that Netflx shortchanged us on!!!


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