stuffy monkey

Most times...
when a gift is given...
and not exactly appreciated in it's arrived form...
 the recipient waits until the gift giver is gone before doing some minor changes so that it fits just right into the home.

Yesterday we had family lunch and Lil' Farm Hand, Kanneloni Macaroni and Little Oh...
brought Kobe  a present.

We enjoyed our lunch...and noticed that Kobe was giving Stuffy Monkey a going over. 

It was entertainment all around.
Last evening...
she was tearing around the farm with her Stuffy Monkey in her mouth...
quite happy she had won the round.
Stuffy Monkey on the other hand was feeling rather deflated.

all for now...


  1. Cute story Lovella. It looks like Kobe has a pretty nice life with not so stuffy anymore monkey, on the porch - smile!

  2. Why, oh why must perfectly well behaved doggies insist on ripping the stuffing out of all stuffed animals?? We have found some toys that are "stuff-less" and they work well for our otherwise well behaved doggie. :-)

  3. We have a family room that is often full of 'innards' floating around like giant snowballs. I think that gift from the little ones was a success at your house!

  4. Oh, that is so funny. And yes, our son's dogs have had their share of de-stuffing their toys. The new pup likes to de-stuff the sofa though. Not too funny at all! I think Kobe had fun with his new toy.

  5. I like that photo where she looks up as if wondering if it is okay to be treating her monkey that way. Molly has a monkey as well. The monkey has definitely had the stuffing knocked out of it.

  6. And I just learned something new! Glad to know (from the comments) it's normal! Part of the amusement had to be what the little ones had to say as they watched.

  7. Kobe got the most out of that gift...a lot of fun and an amused crowd as well! Too cute.

  8. I'm not sure if it's poor Stuffy, poor Kobe, or poor grands that gave the gift.


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