setting up a dentist shop

The other day there was a serious business going on over here.
When you are she often tells me she is...
you know a bit about some things.

The hallway was a busy traffic area...
for mommies and babies. 

Mid morning Kanneloni Macaroni advised Little Miss Muffet that they were going to play dentist.
White gloves were pulled out of the dress up clothes and I was instructed to lay myself on the pillows that were carefully arranged for my comfort.

The assistant was given instructions and I sort of figured out that it was her job to keep the patient  occupied with chatter.
It was a good thing I was occupied too since the dentist hadn't seen a lot of videos yet on "tender care".
As you can see...the patient seemed tense.  =)

When Grandpa finished chores and came into the house...
he was quickly dragged into the dentist chair...
and I was excused to see to the noodles.

He is smarter than me.
It was not long before the tables were turned and the patient became the dentist. 

There was a lot of giggling going on in the dentist chair...
after that.

all for now...
with love,


  1. This is so cute. Guess where I was yesterday? The dentist for my annual check up. I think I'd prefer these little blonde dentists checking my teeth over the one that poked and dug and scraped my teeth and gums. She certainly wasn't very gentle! Maybe a future career for one of this little ones?

  2. What you two won't do! You win the Grandparents of the Year Award for sure. =D

    Love to see this kind of imaginative play.

  3. So, so adorable!!! I can hear the giggling....

  4. Terry is a clever one isn't he?
    Perhaps he missed his calling as a pediatric dentist.
    I think he would have been much in demand.

  5. Too funny. Love the photos of the girls walking down the hall with their purses!

  6. Oh, the memories made in that bungalow! Reminds me, I have to make a dentist appoinment. Are the any openings soon?

  7. I love the energy that just jumps out of those photos - such fun!

  8. That looks like the best kind of dental care to me! What fun...all around.

  9. Such fun! Those little gals have the time of their life with you guys. I too loved the girls with their on a mission to set up their dental practice.....adorable.


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