Pizza Class

Three of our guys came to lend us support at the cooking class last night.
I handed the camera off to him and he kept a close eye on the class.

We always say when we leave..
the class was great wasn't it?
We mean the ladies that came.

We got there early..
got our groceries..
and started the prep.

We love working together!

Kathy and I did the teaching this time around.
I think she could have been a home-ec teacher...
so smooth she is.
Judy and Anneliese were our helpers...
and they are the best!
Wow..  what an amazing team I have.
I'm so blessed.

The last thing we demonstrated was Kathy's  chocolate chiffon cake we made in class.

They thought...
it turned out.

My challenge to them was to make a chocolate chiffon cake for Valentines day.

I think they might.
Thanks for joining us!

all for now...


  1. Oh, yes, those guys are taking notes! LOL!

    Wish I could have had a front row seat. I need to learn so much.

  2. I wish this was a video!!! You did an amazing class and that chocolate chiffon cake looks perfect for Valentines. I am always inspired by you gals and the way your guys support you. Have a great weekend.

  3. You do look like you're having a wonderful time. I agree with Rosella - please do a video someday. That would be such fun to join you that way. The chocolate cake looks amazing!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Looks like you had good helpers from the camera to the kitchen!

  5. Way to go girls! What good sports and supporters your guys are. Love it!

  6. It WAS a fun evening and I hope you have an easier day today!I know you put a lot of thought and prep into the class to make it such.

  7. Couldn't be there in person but us Manitoba girls were there in spirit! You girls did a wonderful job! And the guys are so patient and to love that!!

  8. Such a fun night...and you and Kathy did a wonderful job. Guess what we are having for supper tonight? In-house pizza! I guess I never had enough last night:)

  9. Looks like I missed you on a great evening of pizza making. I need my own personal tutorial...someday. I was wondering how one would dig into that cake?

  10. shouldn't that be 'what a great team we are'


  11. So glad the class went well! The cake looks amazing!!! What fun you ladies are having!!!!!


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