New Years Day 2012

After lunch yesterday we took our deep fryer and our Portzelky batter and went to the shop to fry up enough New Years Fritters for my siblings and their families.

They arrived...
and claimed their vehicles...
to ride on...

...and to send down the rails.

Some continued their naps...

and others just wanted to sit with their Grandpa Bob yet for awhile.

Some arrived like a ray of sunshine.

Uncle Bob's Chicken Corn Chowder was loved by the youngest...
to the oldest.

It was very fun to watch these little second-cousins who are so close to the same age.
They are now starting to get to know each other...
and the shyness quickly disappears.

This is my niece Tammy.

It was not hard to get photos of smiles.
There were plenty of those.

The overflow table =)
You were specially invited to sit there.

And from one end to the other.
We missed Gerry and Heidi's family who either had the flu or  live far away.
Next year...I hope to need another table...
or two.

The first tradition of the year..
is cleaned up!

all for now...
with love,


  1. What a wonderful New Years Day tradition for your family! Those little second cousins are adorable and these times together are making some amazing memories for them! Enjoy the rest of your week and I hope you have some time to relax too.

  2. Happy New Year!!! I loved your Christmas pictures and your year in review! So many wonderful memories!!!! It was also fun to read the year in review and figure out what you knew in advance of what we learned from the blog. :) I love how you celebrate New Years!!!

  3. Looks like a grand way to start the new year for sure! Loved the little vehicles all lined up...

  4. I love your 'portzelky party' tradition! Maybe one of these years we will implement it over here as well. Looks like a fine time was had by all!

  5. Wouldn't it be grand to need more tables every year!!
    Love your annual party; family first in the New Year!

  6. Always good to see your family traditions remaining. Siblings are so important to us and I'm not sure that everyone realizes just how important. They are our closest relatives...closer than parent or child...and so I know how much you cherish getting together with your big brothers and your sisters-in-love. Hope that the missing ones are feeling better. All those beautiful children...and the beat goes on.

  7. I love your New Year's tradition Lovella. Harv would love nothing better if we did that as well. Although we don't have that many in our family. It may happen next year - On New Year's Eve he talked about using the 'Meagroppa' to fry that mountain of Portzelke he has pictured in his mind.

  8. Looks like a very Happy New Year celebration! Such a perfect spot to have the whole extended family - I'm thinking about where our family could all fit. There's quite a crew of us! I think we'd have to move to mid-summer and have an outdoor event. And have lobster of course - our traditional food :)

  9. This is always a post I like, every year. I imagine having all my siblings in one place - well it would be wonderful!

  10. Thank you, Lovella for the glimpse of seeing extended family members I don't get to see for 'real'. I think back to the years when Grandma and Grandpa had all their descendants in their living room -- we couldn't fit any more!
    A lovely New Year's tradition you have ! I know the little ones will grow up with happy memories of it , just like we did !

  11. That's a great tradition, Lovella. That's what keeps bringing out the young with the old...Food and especially Portzelky being hosted by a favorite set of uncles and aunts. A great way to introduce how family works and comes together to celebrate life.

  12. So after the Potzelky fry... you've had your head in the manuscript.. I know ...
    I feel a huge sigh of relief this morning... maybe normal life will go on after all.

  13. What a fun celebration! Even though I have never tasted Potzelky, I have seen enough pictures from the MGGCC, that I know I would love to try it. The chicken corn chowder looked so good too. The smiles on all the faces was proof positive that everyone was having a great time. I am convinced that garages make a good party venue.


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