making pizzas with my friend

Tonight is Mennonite Girls Can Cook pizza class at Lepp Farm Market.
There are still some seats available.
You know the proceeds all go to charity...
We'd love you to come.

Back in October..
Kathy came over for the day and we spent a day together mixing, rolling, cutting...
and taking photos for the book.

I found beauty in the photographer...
her smile...
her energy...
her stick-to-it-iveness...
when I was all pizza'd out.

We got some amazing photos for the book  (not these blurry ones)...
and we remembered again...
how much friendship can include.

you can witness a repeat of the day...
her and I..
telling stories...

and serving you up some pretty fantastic pizza, salad...
and chiffon cake for dessert.

all for now...


  1. Please sign me up. I would LOVE to sit in one of those "still available" seats and learn from such a special group of women. What a sweet tribute to Cathy. I am sure she would say the same about working with you.

    I will be saying a prayer for you all this evening.

  2. I would love to go to your pizza cooking class Lovella! It think it would be a lot of fun and a learning curve for me. Enjoy the day!

  3. So much fun! I hope all goes/went well!! The fun thing about blogland is that you can read blogs about people doing all the different kinds of things you would like to be doing but have only time for one life. :) Andrew (10) wants to learn to cook, so I do need to get started on that and not overlook him because he is a boy!

    1. Heather, I do remember how my Stuart loved being with me in the kitchen...mind you...I didn't have such great help as your Kristina.
      OH..and we finished up Season two of Downton Abby this week. =)

  4. I've checked the dates as far forward as the go on the Market website to see if I'm ever over your way when MGCC are featured. Alas, I'm a week off this time - well be over next week. Good luck - I'm sure the two of you will make it a great evening for everyone!

  5. It would be great to be there and enjoy all the banter! Blessings to you and all who will be enjoying the evening together!

  6. Sounds like such fun! I want you gals to have your own cooking show so I can see you in action.

  7. Love these photos and the special memory that goes with the pizza recipes for you.
    I look forward to learning a few things myself tonight, even just being together in the kitchen.

  8. That was a day that will go down as one of my funnest (is that a word?). We were certainly on a roll......and ate till we could eat no more....until dessert! Looking forward to the class tonight.

  9. You and your friend are totally awesome! How I wish I could come to that class tonight! Can't wait to hear all about it - I'm sure it will be great.


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