cooking class...circa 1977

The years that we dated were good.
We spent so much time with my parents and I know they enjoyed it...
probably more than we did.  =)

To keep our evenings interesting we would occasionally bake and I found this photo recently and it surprised me that we actually had documentation of one of my very early cooking classes.

I guess I somehow thought it was important that he learned to cream butter and sugar the old fashioned way.  The mixmaster on the counter apparently off limits or maybe I liked the idea of cookie making taking as long as possible.

Not everything about this photo is part of my past...
some of it including the student is part of my present.
I also still have the green pyrex mixing bowl and the blue tea pot.

What I noticed about this picture was the dried arrangement on top of the refrigerator.
My mom kept that for years and I can still recall the scent of Eucalyptus.
It became part of our household when my Dad broke his back when his leg was trapped on the back of a dump truck.  He was given that "manly" arrangement when he was in the hospital and somehow because it was dried when it arrived...
it never died and thus was never sent away.

My mother was not a hoarder...
she just had less to clutter the home.

I don't recall her ever needing to de-clutter the house like I do once a year.
I should wonder about that some.

All this thinking...
from one photo from long ago.

OH...and speaking of cooking classes..
we are cooking up three delicious pizza's, winter salad and chiffon cake at Lepp's
on Thursday January 24th.
The proceeds will all go to Matthew's House...
please come.

all for now...
with love,


  1. What sweet memories, as you say, all coming from one photo. Bet that looking at it you are transported right there and can remember so very much more. Love the cooking lesson and how fun to teach the boy how to make cookies. A man should always know!

  2. Love this vintage photo and all the memories for you that go with it. I noticed the Windsor salt from Nova Scotia. :)

    1. Pamela...of course Windsor salt...we never knew there was any other. =)

    2. I only stopped creaming like this for cookies a couple years ago. I'm a glutton for punishment! What cheerful wallpaper.

  3. Such a great photo!!! So fun to find things that are themes throughout ones life. Interesting to think about the fact that in years past people did have less to clutter their homes. Nowadays there are so many good things around that we don't remember what it was like when we had fewer good things......

  4. Love the picture! How fun to recall life as it was in that time...when we had fewer things.

    I know for a fact that I will not find any photos of my hubby stirring cookie matter how hard I look. :)

    1. Judy - I'm positive I wouldn't find any pictures like this either!!!

  5. All I see is that lovely wallpaper!!


  6. This took me back to the early 70's when The Great Dane was a regular visitor to my parents' house. We did lots of baking too, because my mum liked to have us around the house when we were dating. I can remember making times like this stretch out too.

  7. How wonderful to think that you baked together even in those early years!! Your mom was very wise to encourage this .........

  8. It's fun to sometimes rummage through photos and find some of those vintage heirlooms that have special memories and share them with your grands. There is something so special about cooking together especially with the men folk.

  9. I smiled to think that a 1977 photo would be called an "old photo". I also smiled at the many details of this fun picture. I can't imagine how sad you must have been to have had your father go through such pain as a broken back.

    What a special opportunity to cook in the coming event and be able to give back to others. I like that it is what you all are about. Best wishes!


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