Year in Review 2012

It started as it always does...
with a hot pot of oil...
some dough with raisins in it..
and a shop full of family to celebrate the beginning of the new year.

Mid January...
we had a short blizzard.
I enjoyed it....
but then I don't work outside.

January ended with a part to celebrate Judy and Marg's milestone party.
The "near" girls...went to Harrison Hot Springs for a special lunch...a soak in the hot pools and some cake and coffee.

February was all about the love.
We celebrated Valentines Day...

and my birthday and our 34th anniversary.
We went to the Mayan Riviera to soak up some sunshine.

While we were gone...
Stuart moved his darling wife and girls into their new home.

In March...we did a Paska Class at Lepp Farm Market.
We will be teaching pizza.. . winter salad...and chiffon cake for dessert.
Please come...all the proceeds go to Matthew's House.

Then...we got ready for Easter...

It was a beautiful April Sunday.
The kids ran around outside looking for Easter treats.
I love looking back at the year in review...
just saying.

Mid April..
a few of us from Mennonite Girls Can Cook went to Fresno for the West Coast MCC Relief Sale.
It poured rain.
Seriously poured.
We however...had a wonderful time and while we were there...
worked evenings and in between on the framework of the new book.

found us looking for fabrics...and testing apron patterns.

We went with the rest of the Marriage Mentor team to a marriage retreat in Semiahmoo.
It was another beautiful weekend.

The flowers were amazing in May.
I know that because I have hundreds of photos of spring flowers.

turned 31.
I made him some homemade noodles to celebrate.

June is all about roses.
My roses had an exceptional year.
They had no black spot and 
made the yard smell like summer.

We also took our annual family weekend away to Harrison Hot Springs in June.
The weather wasn't perfect...
but the pools are warm and that is all they care about.

In July..
we took down the old flag and put up the new one to celebrate Canada Day.

We also did another MGCC summit.
This time it was to do the photos for the new book...
we signed our contract...
and spent some wonderful time with the folks from Herald Press.

Mid July..
we had a visit from Grant and Kim and baby Atticus..
our cousins from Alberta.
What a treat to have them join our family for an authentic Mennonite feast.

Mid July..
the Aldefer's from Virginia came to town.
Anneliese and Kathy became dear blogging friends several years ago and I am blessed to be able to share in the friendship with them.

The baby Little OH ...turned one..
on the same day that my beloved turned 54.

This little sweetheart..
Kanneloni Macaroni turned three.

The little sweetheart...
Little Miss Muffet turned two.

At the end of July...
we went camping to Manning Park.
Our friends Scot and Kathy came up to have some lunch as they headed to their own favorite spot.


It was the year of the bear visit...
and we lived to tell the story. 

August was so beautiful.
We enjoyed cloudless skies day after day.

Kobe joined the farm.
We liked him the first day he arrived...
and we haven't changed our mind.

We harvested our garden.

At the end of August...
these three packed their trunks and our son Terrence moved his beautiful wife and family to the near house..
which made us all very happy.

In September ...
we took our annual weekend ATV trip up the Coquihalla.
It was still gorgeous weather...
and the trails were dusty...
so I stayed at camp...
happy as a clam to have time to read.

was still beautiful..
and we enjoyed our Thanksgiving weekend outside with a wiener roast.

Our oldest son Terrence...
turned 33.

In November...
the piano was moved to the near house.

November  dear little Grandgirlie turned 5 and had a princess party...
complete with special dresses made by her Nana for all the little girls to wear.

I found my Easter Lily blooming at the end of November...

The beginning of December...
I had my siblings over for an adult only dinner.
We all have grands that keep us busy and it was wonderful to visit a long time around the table.

The beginning of December our little man ...The Lil' farm hand also turned 5.

We had a sciff of snow...
in between days and days and days...
of rain and cloudy skies.

The manuscript was turned in by mid December...
and now we are busy with revisions and edit corrections.

We had a wonderful Christmas together with our family at Terrence and Bea's near house.

we had our last family time of the old year.
I was so amazed that our little baby Oh...
loved play dough and sat there for ages...cutting his piece of dough.
Note his hair?
His mommy was some doing infant photos...
and so while she was away I put his hair in a variety of pigtails...
for our amusement.
He's still our baby until his hair is cut.

that is not yet.

I wish you all a blessed New Year.
We will be celebrating tonight with dear friends...
and tomorrow...
I'll be right back where this year started with a hot pot of oil.

all for now...
with love,


  1. Lovella - what a wonderful review of your year. Many celebrations and wonderful busy times. May your 2013 be just as fulfilling and blessed!

  2. Have a good time celebrating with friends this evening. I wish you a year as full of family, fun and good challenges as the last!

  3. You've had a wonderful year! And I'm so happy that we were able to see you this year! Maybe we'll see you again next year?? Let's go for 3 years in a row! :-) You have been blessed with good friends and family. Happy New Year!

  4. The rhythm and cadence of your, friends, grands, flowers, food, vacations, home... It's really lovely to see and I'm glad that things are coming full circle once again. Happy New Year!

  5. A busy year for sure. So much to enjoy and be thankful for. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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  7. Okay I'll try this again -
    Missing from your list is how throughout the year you have lead us girls at MGCC - encouraging us, inspiring us to excellence, doing all those administrative tasks that keep the blog fresh and inviting and the new book on schedule. Thank you Lovella. May God continue to provide joy and strength to you in the coming year.

  8. Isn't it amazing to see how many good things have been packed into 'the year that was'? I so enjoyed looking back over your year with you...and thinking of all the fun experiences we shared! Blessings to you and Terry and your family as you go into the new year. Enjoy those fritters tomorrow!

  9. It's a blessing to turn back the year and be reminded of the many blessings that unfolded before our eyes. May you feel God's richest peace and joy and when one sometimes feels weary, it's good to review this list and count the abundant blessings of sharing life with your family and friends.

  10. much happened in the year. Love your recap! May blessings abound in the New Year!

  11. Your re-cap is so much a part of my life too ... it was fun to see and read!
    Life is fragile .. and it is a gift ... I see you handle it with care. Wishing you many more blessings in the coming year. I look forward to what's in store.

  12. HIghlighting the milestones and precious moments with those you love throughout 2012. What a great re-cap and keepsake.
    All the best in this New Year to you and your family.

  13. What a wonderful year your 2012 was ... may 2013 be as blessed !


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