Tonka Jam Party

He's five years old!
We were invited to come celebrate and it was all about the wheels.

I'm pretty familiar with boys birthday parties.

...and boys toys. (circa 1984)

It is a creative mom that thinks to cover doughnuts with chocolate and ride those monster trucks on top!

I couldn't find a photo from his Daddy's 5th birthday... (circa 1983)
this was his fourth according to the number of candles.

The food was delicious..
I took a photo of the plate of the birthday boy.

They had a craft to copy.

He and all the girls made monster trucks.

Everyone loves monster trucks...right?

This is the memory page that his mommy made for him...

It just makes me smile.

He opened his presents and cards after they had spent some time in the bouncy castle.
(thus...the hairdos)

I have made it my mission to find the best cards.

Crafts drying.

The Daddies...using the brilliantly ordered online party decorations...
to round up the kids.

I couldn't help but look back at the photos of those two...
way back then. (1984)

The team work continues.

I spent some time reading by the tree...
to those that needed a quieter spot.

I just love our little farm hand.
He is loving and polite...observant...always striving to have a happy heart... and gives the best hugs!

Thank you Lord..
for this child.  
He is healthy and strong and is growing in all ways that matter most.

all for now...


  1. So very special in many many ways. Love what his mom did for celebrating and decorations...very cool. I see that he and my grandson have a love for the same tv show. I'd like to see more things on that list be on my grandson's, too. Clever boys yours! But then you always knew that!

  2. Such a loving post Lovella! The pictures of your grandboy and boys are just wonderful and your words are overflowing with love! What a great party to remember.

  3. Great party! I felt a slight ache looking at the 1984 photos. Those years don't seem so long ago.
    I enjoyed reading the facts page; making one each year is a great idea!
    (Wonder why he doesn't like scrambled eggs?)

  4. So cute to see the Dad's now and then become so engaged in their children's own birthdays...but some how I keep reading this and I know where this all comes from...They have a grandfather who loves his cars and trucks also.
    Thank goodness for online gifts and ideas...they have the neatest ideas.

  5. what a wonderful theme carried out for the special 5 year old. Love all the great ideas! Love the idea of the page for his favorites at 5. Very nice...

  6. Such a lovingly planned party for a boy and his girl cousins! Your post brings it all together perfectly. Seasons of life... I love it when special memories repeat themselves . . . in seasons.
    I noted that he does not like scrambled eggs. How sad is that? Good thing you can make oatmeal anytime. Happy Birthday to your growing farmhand.

  7. What fun times...then and now! What goes around, comes around. I love that birthday boy plate...CELEBRATE!

  8. So much fun! He reminds me of my little David. :) Same sort of age and same hair. :) And same looks. :) Loved the chocolate covered donuts -- that was clever! Also smiled at his coolest person on earth! Yay!

  9. I lingered and enjoyed each photo with your thoughts added.....his memory page and the circa fun. Happy Birthday to your little farm hand.

  10. Happy fifth birthday to your darling grandson! Mine is turning four soon--how fast they grow!

  11. Although I realize time is passing, it's always a surprise to visit here and see how big your grands have grown! Looks like you hosted a very fun party!


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