on the year of my birth

I often think about the Christmas decorations held in the Wooden Butter Box that decorated our Christmas tree when I was little.
Tinsel was carefully put away each year and reused for many years.
It was a time when belongings were handled with care because they were dear..
in cost and sentimentality.

Each year we were given the task of finding a special spot to clip our personal little bird onto the tree.  One for each child in the family, it represented our birth.
Mine was magenta.
When I married...like the others...my little bird came to decorate our tree.
Since then..
I've collected many little birds to keep the theme going.

Last week...
my brother Gerry came to the door...
little wrapped gift in hand...
looking rather pleased.

They had been to the Vancouver German Christmas Market ...
had browsed around and he had noticed the likeness of handcrafted birds from our childhood...
and bought me one...
because he knows me...
and my sentimental side.

Side by side on a fresh fraser branch.
Can you imagine that I also..
look rather pleased?

all for now...
with love,


  1. That was such a sweet thing for your brother to do. Like you, I have some decorations from my parents' tree, given to me when I married and decorated my first tree. Yes, there's a bird and there's also a silver pine cone. They are treasures.

  2. So lovely and thoughtful! What a lovely memory from your childhood and that it keeps on making new memories too.

  3. A brother's love, and wonderful memories.

  4. What a sweet tradition your mother started and what a sweet gift from your brother.

  5. I saw the birds ... but they mean so much more when you hear the story behind them!
    Your tree is beautiful!

  6. What a thoughtful gesture! I have 5 of the vintage ones on our tree and I see the new ones in the stores too. They are lovely.

  7. Such a remarkably thoughtful brother! They are pretty little things. I have seen them before, though we did not have any. If I do see one, I shall have to have it to think of you by.

  8. That was so nice of what your brother did. Reading your note brought a soft smile to my face. We hope that you enjoy the ornament for years to come.

  9. I'm so glad you've had your bird all these years! And how fun for your brother to find another one! Hoping to do birds on my tree this year......

  10. Glad your vintage bird now has company. Love the German Christmas Market! How nice of your brother.

  11. The birds are nice but I am thrilled that Gerry is out shopping! It wasn't so long ago such a day would have been a miracle answer to prayer; nice that miracles DO happen, and sometimes include sweet memory stirring gifts too. Thanking God again for Gerry's healing!

  12. How thoughtful of your brother to think of you in that way. It's truly become a tradition for you and your family. Those are so meaningful when you attach them to a special person.


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