mgcc christmas party

I can well appreciate that you would enjoy peeking through the window when the mennonitegirlscancook...
get together for a party.

Elmer and Judy invited us to their comfortable and welcoming country home.

We were instructed to each bring an item for the white elephant gift exchange.
We were not allowed to go buy something.
I went straight to the henhouse and picked 2 1/2 dozen fresh eggs...
and packed them in a wire basket...
complete with some instructions of my own.

This is my favorite photo of the evening.
Vic (Julie's husband) opened up a lovely pink evening bag...
and it struck his funny bone.

John...(Marg's husband)... opened up his gift wrapped in old maps..
and inside...more maps.

The eggs made the rounds...
always carefully tugged from the previous owner.

On occasion...the hand had to be removed from the basket...
by force.

Greg...(Ellen's husband)...
got a nice pot..
which we thought might come in handy for the new Washington law.

Anneliese opened up an assortment of books...
which she would love some time to read.

And so it went...
around the circle.

I can't remember what Julie opened here.

Ellen.. opened up some new tablescape decorations.

And....Judy went back and got the eggs once more.

After Marg's eggs were taken again..
she opened up a new gift and we hoped with her that she would find  a lovely clothing item between the tissue...

and she did.

After the gifts were all opened the girls all headed to the kitchen to put out all the tasty items that we all brought along. 

The men nibbled on a few things to tie them over. . ..

we took our time...
since it is a novelty to have someone else around to take photos.

Can you imagine?
Food bloggers never are without their cameras around food.

There is always the hope that just the right angle will capture the moment.

the men has settled into a Crokinole tournament.

They had two tables...
two boards...
and were not about to take time to pose.

I did however linger long enough to get enough shots and enough time to wonder what ever happened to our family crokinole board.

A good Canadian game that might just warrant us revisiting again.

back in the kitchen the food was almost ready to be shared.

Ah....such a delicious assortment...
if we do say so ourselves.

The best parties are those that are relaxing...
full of meaningful conversation...
and food.

Festive food!

I know you get the drift.

One more...

and we're ready.

We gave thanks for our friendship..
for the bounty of food we are able to share.

While we were putting out the dessert buffet...
the table filled once again.

The gifts from our hearts were shared.

I am always amazed at the gift of grace that God bestowed on me with these friendships.

all for now...
with love,


  1. What a wonderful party you all had. I love the idea of the White Elephant gift. Very practical! The food looks fabulous - presentation is key. We haven't played crokinole in years! I'll have to dig that out and find the rules. Thanks for sharing these great pics of your MGCC party. Blessings for a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Looks like a great spread of food and an evening filled with fun!

  3. What fun! What beautiful fun!!! I am jealous!! :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Of course I love the one with the three ladies and their cameras. :)

  4. Judy's house rings with joy! The laughter came through on the photos perfectly.
    I have never heard of that Canadian game. The guys seem to know it well. So great that the girls guys get along so well too!

  5. Special times... What fun! You and Judy have given such wonderful ideas. Love that tree created from cheeses and grapes...Oh wow. Those eggs were the coveted gift, weren't they?! Must Google that game, which I have never heard of before. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  6. Our new Crokinole game has been ordered from Amazon and is on it's way and should arrive on Friday. Jill and Vee, We had never heard of it either. You really captured the evening well, Lovella. I really will treasure the memories of it and I treasure each one of our Girls!

  7. Crokinole has been around a long time - my Grandparents had a board and the game they played was known in German as "Knipsbrat" (the k and n are both used to say it) because you have to "knipse" the crokinole pieces. The competition can get quite lively as we can testify.

  8. Friendship like you guys enjoy is certainly a gift from God. Love the photos Angharad

  9. Oh, that was even fun in a virtual repeat manner!
    I have my thoughts in the lineup ... but I think I'll just direct readers your way
    for the details.=)

  10. What a fun party!! The food looked amazing and I'm still giggling at the picture with Ellen, Kathy and Marg snapping photos of the food table - so typical of food bloggers! The White Elephant part looks like a blast! Judy's home looks so gorgeous - how incredibly blessed by God you all are. Crokinole is a very familiar game in my area and family history. There has even been a short film made on the origins of Crokinole and it's apparently in our area - Tavistock, Ontario. It is still played vigorously in our Nursing and Retirement homes here.
    Thank you Lovella for sharing such a joyful event - it warms my heart!

  11. I see you covered it well...with your camera and your words! Thanks for putting it all 'on paper'...just in case we ever want to remember. It was such a fun a Christmas 'celebration'. I'm still smiling...about Vic and his pink purse...Greg and his pot-growing pot...and Scot's lacy napkin holders. :)

  12. Ahhhh!!! Now that looks like a really good time and the food, oh the FOOD!!!! Nothing like getting together with friends and families and celebrating our blessings!! May God bless the Mennonite Girls and their families!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  13. It all looks wonderful! And how clever to make a Christmas tree out of the cheese and grapes! Good thing it's nearly noon -- all these food photos are making me hungry, and it's nearly time for lunch!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year! xoxo Carol

  14. Well that sure looks like it was a good time!
    Crokinole - that was a favourite 'blind date' game when I was a teen. I remember being invited to the chaplain's house with another girl and two young men - we ate pizza and played Corkinole!

  15. What a treat this was for me to see all the pictures and read about all the memories. Judy's home is so festively decorated. I especially like the hanging stars. The smiles and laughter on everyone's faces does my heart good. The platters of food look most delicious and appetizing. Thank you so much Lovella for sharing this special party.

  16. Who would of thought that 5 years a go, a group of gals out of similar interests, would of become such a great group of supporters in more than just cooking. We have shared community and life together.

  17. Gosh...ya think Judy might try to copy your idea next year and bring farm fresh milk?

    (One up year bring a chicken. She wouldn't dare bring a cow!)

    1.'d be surprised what Judy might bring!

    2. Years ago...we once packed up a live chicken for a gift game... never say never! We did take the chicken back home.

  18. I so enjoyed looking back on that wonderful evening together. Love Vic's laughter.....that was a great capture. Great post!


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