Easter at Christmas

I had a wonderful reminder last week about how closely connected and essentially inseparable Easter and Christmas are.

I was doing an Easter recipe for the Celebration book and was wondering what I could use to "create" the Easter look during Christmas.

A few weeks earlier the last of the perennials had been cut off and the flower garden was tidied for the winter so I didn't expect I could find any flowers or fresh looking foliage to bring spring into the kitchen.

I thought I would walk to the east side of the house to see if any hydrangea blossoms from my
Limelight hydrangea were left and as I was crouching  I noticed the Easter Lily blooming.

I had planted it after it had bloomed in spring as I've done before but I've never had a late autumn Easter Lily surprise before.
It wasn't perfect. It looked like it had weathered the rain of the recent weeks.

My pruners snipped off the stems and my photo session began.
It wasn't the book and the hope of a perfect photo that was foremost in my mind as much as the amazing gift that the Lord had set to unfold in his perfect timing.

That particular photo in the book won't be the best as far as photography goes but it will forever be the one that holds the reminder for me of how God met me even in the photography of this book.

Thank you Lord for your presence.

all for now...
with love,


  1. That is perfect! I love how God does that!

  2. That is so neat Lovella,love this story!

  3. A sweet reminder and a God wink...His letting you know that He loves you and cares about the details that are important to you. Wonderful story. Thank you very much for sharing it. BTW, I think this is beautiful photography!

  4. God is good...all the time. Love the lily with the tree...

  5. What a beautiful reminder Lovella! Your picture is perfect.

  6. What a timely post, Lovella. While I love Christmas and the celebration of the Saviour's birth every bit as much as anyone, I often think of Easter and that it is, in truth, that celebration that makes us what we are. It is the reminder of the ultimate gift. I love that God sent that reminder!

  7. This is truly a God orchestrated divine appointment. He is our creator and he sure knew what he was doing.
    I love God's surprises and so wonderful how he had just the right things in mind for you.

  8. what a wonderful reminder for us all - not only that God gifts us with lovely surprises because He delights in us but also that His death and resurrection is an essential part of the Christmas story.

  9. Love this story! God is in the details...for sure...and so full of surprises.


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