Christmas 2012 review

We were invited to come to the "near house" for Christmas 2012.
It was meant to be on the 25th but a tummy bug visited and the festivities were delayed by one day.

Upon entering...
we were greeted by the three sitting in their frame.

When were sent this photo in the mail it took me about three days to realize they were not holding a word in another language!

The table!
So beautiful!

They had recently removed some trees from their backyard and the beautiful birch logs came in handy for decorations around the house.

The cook!

Her assistant!

My place setting....

A typical view from the other side of the room....
while we are waiting for the rest of the family to come.

Watching their Daddy open a present.

I loved how he knew to keep his chin down to pin the PJ top.

The girls all found a set of twins under the tree!
Busy little mothers.


I couldn't resist the princess PJ's for the girls...complete skirt.

Every mother longs for a proper bed for her twins.
This little mother couldn't wait to tuck them in.

The two older cousins stood by the tree chatting.

The baby...played with the tissue. 

We had a lovely Christmas. 
 I am thankful.

All for now...
with love.


  1. Such a beautiful family and the new house is gorgeous. Bea's artistic touches are wonderful. I enlarged each picture to get a better look at everything and am astonished how quickly that mother of three has put together her new nest.
    So glad the slight delay was just a day and that everyone was able to be flexible.

  2. It all looks so beautiful Lovella. The tree and the way the tables were set look like a magazine spread!! You have such sweet grandkids. Lovely post. I wish you and yours blessings for the new year. Pamela

  3. What a treat - to be invited to Christmas dinner at the home of your son and Daughter-in-law. Your smiles at being enveloped by the children say it all! The tables settings are beautiful - what a talented young woman!

  4. Oh my...everything is lovely as can be...just like a House Beautiful layout. The grands are darling beyond words. Question: Does your beautiful daughter-in-love ever feel intimidated preparing food for her in-laws? I know that I wouldn't be able to give you anything to eat here. You'd have to have fluffernutters. Ha!

  5. Everything is gorgeous!We had a similar evening with Rob and Dorothy. It's so sweet to watch the next generation be the host and hostess. So glad you had such a lovely time together!

  6. Oh she did do a beautiful job on the tables! Love it pinterest and fresh. So glad things settled down so you could celebrate!

  7. Thank you to you and your beautiful hosting family for the peek into your Christmas!
    The care put into preparations, the kids being kids and the love of familt just put a smile on my face!

  8. How wonderful to be invited to the "near house" for this lovely family time and glad the tummy bug was all better. Your grands are so adorable and your son and daughter-in-law's home is beautiful. I love how you write and describe the experience Lovella. Such love shining through the whole post!

  9. The table is a work of art, just beautiful! I love the twin baby dolls, would have been my kind of gift when I was their age. :-)

  10. Loved the tour of Christmas as the 'near house'. It looks most lovely and welcoming over there. I see the beautiful table setting is being 'pinterested' for future reference. Love the 'Falala' picture....well, all of them, actually! It may have been a bit delayed...but you family Christmas 2012 seems to have turned out just fine in the end. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Loved the table setting...It needs to become part of Pinterest. Even though your Christmas was late be default, it looks like things came together perfectly. I can see that this was a great work of art and labor of love for a set of wonderful parents.

  12. Stepping into your families celebration was a privilege that I so enjoyed. Your place setting was so simple and yet so pretty. The smiles on the little one's faces and the anicipation on evident as they watched their dad open his gift, was priceless. I enjoyed this so much!

  13. I pinned the table setting to my pinterest board and it's been repinned already. It truly is imaginative and beautiful. It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas despite illness trying to spoil it. Your DIL has a special touch in her decorating!


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