turning five...a fairy party

A little fairy rarely sits still.
Just as you might imagine..
she is always in flight...
and most often has an impish grin on her face.

She surrounds herself with other little fairies who love to dance and giggle.

Her big blue eyes and long dark lashes...
shine with enthusiasm for life as it unfolds. 

She chooses her sister as her best friend...
a gift they do not yet fully realize they share.

It is a time of innocence...

like flower petals in spring...

 not yet longing to be anything but who she is.

My darling little grandgirlie..
may you never lose that sweet declaration desiring to pray to Jesus...
with those you love.

Five years old is only once in your life.
Someday...you will remember your fairy party...
and may the smile that comes to your face...
be a sweet reflection of the one we saw ...
on the sweetest little fairy of all.

Happy Birthday

With love always...
from Grammie.


  1. So precious! What a fun party! My baby is going to be 5 before I know it!

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  3. What a sweet and tender post. She may not realize it right now, but in time she will appreciate how lovingly you wrote this post and will cherish the memory of that day.

    I commented before, it should up double then I wanted to delete the second comment and both disappeared. So I am trying again...we'll see what happens now...perhaps I should have had some coffee before I tried anything technical ;)

  4. What a gift you give your granddaughters, Lovella, your sweet observations and gentle guidance. Happy Birthday to your sweet five-year-old grandgirlie.

  5. From fotos of flitting fairies to fitting words by grammie...this post is a treasure for your five-year-old grandgirlie. Happy Birthday to her!

  6. Fleeting times...she has been a sparkle in your life since you first laid eyes on her and in every moment since. Blessed child!

  7. Oh what a sweet fairie post! The outfits are darling as is your special little "angel" fairie!!! Happy No. 5.

  8. Loved your post Lovella - so sweet to see the innocent play of little girls.

  9. I agree with Charlotte about how special the thoughts you wrote about your precious grandgirlie will be to ther one day. Where have five years gone? I remember your anticipated wait for those two first babies to be born.

  10. Lucky little girl - and someday an even luckier young woman - to be able to read such sweet words written by her loving grandmother.

  11. We share that special day together don't we. How lucky to see them grow up and live in this fairy world. Let's just hold on to them a bit longer and tuck them away for awhile.

  12. Awwww.... fairies/angels... sweet as pie !! I wish my girls were still that precious age! but then I couldn't give up who they are today,either.

  13. How sweet...yes, 5 years old only comes once. She is having a wonderful childhood, and one day she will look back and praise God, and enjoy the writings on her grammies blog. The are all so precious....and I know that the you are enjoying these years with them all. Happy Birthday to her.


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