the great wheel

Our little trip to Seattle  seems so long ago already.
This week I have been pretty much holed up in my office plunking away on my keyboard.

I've been preparing for Saturday's Christmas Brunch at South Langley Church.
I tinker away on my keynote presentation and hope I know what I am doing.

Yesterday I finished that and moved to the manuscript.
I worked on that for awhile until I was distracted by my blog's wallpaper.
How much time can I waste trying to upload photos for that?
You just don't even want to know.
That would totally destroy how you perceive my time management.

I am thankful for the time we had away.
The weather ended up being so beautiful.
We walked up and down the hill to the water and while we stood watching the big wheel go around....
my beloved slipped into the line and bought us some tickets.

He had never been on a ferris wheel.
Even after being married 34 years ..
there are still things we can experience together for the first time.

I liked that.
all for now..


  1. With you in spirit regarding getting your thoughts together and seeing a deadline approaching... but it is still an enjoyable ride. Love the one you were on in Seattle too! Is that new?

  2. Sounds as if you had a wonderful trip. We'll have to try out the Seatle Wheel or whatever it's called one of these days. Looks like fun!

  3. And that's not just any old Ferris Wheel on the midway. It is a profound thought you've do something new. Hmmm...maybe I'll steal my husband away and try that.

  4. Hi Lovella!

    This looks like a nice way to get some good views of Seattle! I have not been out that way yet, but perhaps someday in the future I'll get a chance to ride this same ferris wheel in person.

    I enjoyed your record keeping tale in the previous post and the post about your piano. I actually bought a piano that belonged to the prior owner of our home in Colorado. I hope my grandchildren can use it to take lessons.

  5. Hope your presentation goes well tomorrow morning!! Remembering the thrill of the Ferris Wheel is a nice diversion to the "rat race wheel" of life. BTW - I love your new wallpaper and can identify with the time it takes - at least for a non-techy like myself!

  6. That's great that you could experience that new Ferris wheel in Seattle. Great photos! When Dear was in Vienna he learned that the inventor of the Ferris Wheel was an Austrian from Vienna. His name was Ferris. He bought our girls Vienna Starbucks mugs that have a ferris wheel on them. Pretty wallpaper!

  7. Count me as a fan of new experiences together with old husbands...especially happy experiences.

  8. That is, I'm sure, one of the secrets of a long and happy marriage - but we must be willing to set off on adventures together and take chances together, as you have.

  9. We haven't seen that new ferris wheel yet - thanks for the preview! I was so surprised that your beloved had never been on a ferris wheel, but then my husband informed me that it's not a cool thing for guys to do. Oh! I didn't know. Your beloved must be a cool guy : )

  10. Wow, that is a huge ferris wheel but I don't think you'd catch me on it, although it appears to be enclosed so ..... maybe I would go for a spin. You got some wonderful photos of the view. Have a great week. Blessings, Pamela

  11. I couldn't find your comment form the other let me leave a comment 'after the fact'.

    I had to smile at Jill's words...that she is a 'fan of new experiences with old husbands'. Your roller coaster experience was a fun one, for sure. Maybe you started something. Check out the roller coaster in Paris...or the one in New York...or the one in London. :)


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