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Several months ago an email came to my inbox. A Groupon deal which I couldn't resist then and made me happy now...was a good idea.
Seattle is only a few hours away from us to the south and yet this was the first time that we stayed downtown to shop...dine...see and stay.

We went midweek...
parked the car and walked the city streets.
Even at night it is a beautiful city.

We were impressed by the clean streets and..
the friendly helpful people.

Though I haven't started decorating myself for Christmas...
the twinkly lights were most festive and I fully appreciated the work that went into making store fronts inviting.

We didn't spend all our time exploring store fronts...
we had a most enjoyable afternoon with Greg and Ellen.
Since I have so little to blog about lately..
I'll save a few photos for another day.

all for now..


  1. So little to blog about... You? Thank you for showing all the beautifully lit trees in Seattle. Sparkle City would be a good name for that town, though that is what John calls our town. (It doesn't really fit until there's an ice storm.) Our town decorated with cheesy Styrofoam candy canes just yesterday. Sigh.

  2. Seattle is one of those cities that I would love to visit someday! Your pictures are beautiful and the lit trees look very similar to what we just saw in Boston this past week! Boston is another beautiful American city!!

  3. A wonderful place to spend some time! We had been to events in Seattle many times over the years...or just passing through...but did our first 'tourist trip' to that fine city two years ago and so enjoyed it. Shopping, staying, seeing and spending time with all sounds great. And eating...of course.

  4. Aren't groupon deals fun? A mid week get away with no conference/business/family obligations at the beginning of the holidays is a fantastic deal. So glad you two snapped it up and enjoyed a tryst time; romance glows brightly decades into a marriage doesn't it?
    (Wondering if a horse drawn carriage ride was included...I can picture that happening in Seattle.)

  5. Love your captures of Seattle at night. There is so much more to see and catch on foot than in a car. So glad we were able to meet up...

  6. I love how you know how to have fun shopping with your Beloved. You've ended it well with some wonderful friends.

  7. Sounds like the perfect get a way for two.....and a nice visit with friends. Glad to have a peek at your time away.

  8. We rushed thought there so quick last weekend, I did not see half of what you took not of. In fact, I can't believe there was an empty street like that.

  9. I can NEVER imagine you have little to blog about Lovella.
    Your ability to take the normal things of life and turn them into amazing experiences is an incredible gift.
    Thank you for continuing to share your life with us all!

  10. I had some extra moments of free time this morning. I looked forward to visiting you and seeing all that I had missed. I can't tell you how much I have once again enjoyed it all. Every post is so interesting and so well shared, including the record keeping. It brought back memories of my grandpa and his laying hen experiences and how he would allow me to help the guys collect the eggs. I too, was not aware of all that it took to run an operation as that.

    You have a simple yet inspiring way of sharing daily life, and I count it a privilege to visit you here. By the way, the picture of you and your three MGCC partners, is beautiful! Keep posting.


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