Restaurant 62

It was a happy day when I got an email from our feed company Ritchie Smith telling me I had won a spot at a cooking class.
I have no idea how I won that spot...
I just said ...
I'll be there.

It turned out that the dairy farmers in BC were having a set of meetings of their own and so the  ladies that would have been there from the dairy farmers...
had to decline and I was happier yet when I was allowed to bring my beloved.
Thank you very much Ritchie Smith for the great prize.

The chef of the evening was Jeff Massey from Restaurant 62.
I know a little bit about cooking classes and so I said to my beloved...
we need to get there early to get the best seats.
And we did.

He started with a salad  of fresh greens, sliced fennel ...

and figs that he cooked in quite a luscious sweet and tangy sauce. 

Next...he caramelized some pork medallions...

and then did a cabbage  saute with diced farmer sausage..
that was just scrumptious.

While we were eating that...
he explained how he had done the slow braised chuck steaks....

and made a delicious cauliflower puree.

For dessert we had a delicious chocolate mousse in puff pastry tarts with fresh berries.

It was lovely to see other farmers at the class.
Good friends who share the same passion for growing healthy food for our province.

If you live in the Abbotsford area...
I'd like to encourage you to come out on Sunday to Lepp's to support Chef Dez.
His new book is being launched and Lepp's is doing up the party right.

Ritchie Smith...
Restaurant 62...
Chef Dez...

and of course...
Lepp Farm Market.

We went home chatting about the community we live in and how wonderful it is to see the support back and forth for local farmers, chefs, and the food market.

Oh...and since I am giving plugs...
you might consider gifting a cooking class to see Mennonite Girls Can Cook in January..where we will be teaching refrigerator doughs with pizzas and chiffon cake.
In April we will be teaching our Paska/Scalloped Potato/  Ham  and Coleslaw class.

It was a wonderful evening...
such a treat.

all for now...
with love,


  1. This farm market is a place I stop whenever I'm over that way - after a long day of work, on the way back to the hotel. It's like an oasis. Smiling faces, good smells, all that fresh produce - love it!

  2. You and I were doing the same thing yesterday...but in different places. Isn't it fun to take in a cooking class with the pros? dessert looked much like yours:)

  3. Yum I'm ready to eat all of that great looking food for breakfast! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Oh, that would have been fun! That pork medallion with stewed cabbage sounds so yummy!

  5. How sweet that you won a spot! what a treat! and the food looked scrumptious delicious!

  6. I think it's time we turn the tables sit, watch and observe...what others create...You truly had the perfect spot.


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