passing on the music

I am not sure what year my parents purchased this piano.
It has been part of my life from my earliest memories and so I expect it was purchased in the early sixties.
Piano lessons on Tuesday evenings for my brother Gerry and I began every September and ended with the summer recital which I loathed.
My stage fright was easily solved by playing the piece learned by memory while shaking like a leaf.  The best part of those recitals was the beautiful summer evening later, and Mrs. Anna Toew's delicious treats.

I did something yesterday I have never done before.
I opened up the piano to reveal strings and hammers and  then played for myself.

I had never seen the interior signage.
Imagine that...
made in Canada.

I never really did play well.
 Grade 8 Royal Conservatory was the last lesson book I studied from but the exam was never completed and I am glad I was spared ...I think.

What I love to do is to play music that my mind knows without notes to follow.

In recent years I have enjoyed children's Sunday School songs more than anything else and hymns.
That this would be my music of choice I would not have expected.
When my parents retired and moved off their farm...
the piano came to live with us and we have had it in our home the last 35 years.

Yesterday ....
it found a new home.

In my dreams..
I hear the sweet sound of children learning to play those simple songs.
I will enjoy those recitals ....
and will be happy to go and play Sunday School Songs...
whenever they need an extra.

all for now...


  1. Wishing I had never given my piano away. Hope you hear some great music coming from those little hands. They are going to enjoy your piano.

  2. Aww - how wonderful to pass on the music like this!!! Who knows what new stories this piano will tell!

  3. Oh I'm glad the piano found a good home and you have it documented well...

  4. Sweet gift of music to another generation. I am guessing you are enjoying having a bit more space and tinkling the iPad piano keys when the piano playing mood strikes. iPads take up a lot less space and don't require regular tune ups (did you tune that piano regularly?)
    Hope someday to get a video of a grand playing (happily) at a recital. I was like you during my recitals...and still prefer playing by ear over sheet music.

  5. How lovely - a legacy of music and a piece of furniture that connects the generations. I imagine that soon you'll be sitting in the audience at recitals.

  6. I did not know that your took your Gr. 8 did I and I love my oiano. My husband gave me one as a wedding gift, and yes, to play the hymns and classics and play the songs that the little ones know. Pretty soon we will be making virtual recitals.

  7. Love your photos Lovella - they bring back many memories of piano lessons with Miss Pearl Latcham, practicing for recitals and those hated exams (I did take the Gr 9 Royal Conservatory) and how much more fun it was to play with no one around to critique my skill.

  8. Lovella, I love this! One day I'll be passing on our piano, too. It's my grandmas! Happy Thanksgiving to you, if we don't connect before then! :)

  9. I bet there was a bit of sadness as you opened it up and played it one more time ... so good that you can pass it on into good hands. We've done the same with a very similar looking piano.

  10. I shall never part with mine, but then I play a little something nearly every day. I have had the opportunity to pass along one piano and the offer was declined. I hope that someday a new opportunity will pass by. My wouldn't it be wonderful for the grands to take up the piano and truly enjoy it!

  11. Our daughter and son-in-law just bought an old piano by that manufacturer! Our 6 yr. old granddaughter loves to play already and will take lessons next year. It was their first purchase after J got his first pay cheque as a hospital chaplain :) I failed gr. 4 conservatory - the only thing I think I ever failed in my life - I don't really like having to admit that! My sister has our family's musical genes :) And our grandkids love to sing those Sunday School songs with us - keep playing for them.


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