fire wood

My beloved had a trip down memory lane of his own this week.
The kids that lived in the far house and moved to the near house...
made a decision to remove some maple trees in their yard that were leaning in an unsafe manner towards the house.
An arborist was called in to do the calling of "timber" ...
leaving the big beautiful Birch...minus a few branches and a gorgeous vine maple to offer shade for the backyard.

In the early years of our marriage we had a wood stove that we heated our home with all winter long.  Our house had electric heat and the bills were more than we could afford and so firewood which we could have for free and some hard work was our fuel of choice.

My father in law had access to some land that needed clearing and so my beloved and him would go out and cut firewood....
haul it out of there...
and bring it home to split and stack.

My beloved had the job back then to do the hauling and the splitting...
while his Dad held the chainsaw.

Another generation...
and the chainsaw moves up the chain of command.
I was happy ...
that this small fact...
made him happy.

all for now...
with love.


  1. That's one huge tree - I'm sure they were having fun. It's Roger's favourite activity!

  2. That looks like a day of hard work! We still have a wood stove in our living room and nothing feels as great as a cozy fire on a cold weekend (that's usually when we fire it up). It's so comforting to know that we can have heat and even boil water in case of power outages! Felling trees can be dangerous work - glad it all went well!

  3. Looks like boys having fun with dangerous tools! There has been talk about Dan bringing his chain saw to down a tree in our yard at Thanksgiving. I don't want to be around to yell timber. I just hope it falls where they think they want it to fall...

  4. As Ellen says - the boys are sure having fun with the sharp and noisy toys!
    I love a wood fire and have such a feeling of satisfaction with the wood shed is full.

  5. That is a whole lot of tree limbs to chop up....boy fun:) I remember Scot cutting and stacking wood too....loved the warmth of the wood stove.

  6. Our kids now heat with wood for the same reasons you did. In fact both he and she love to chop wood once the tree is down. Wood heat keeps them cozy and warm.
    What man doesn't love a chain saw?

  7. Chain saws and time with one's son is a winning combo.
    The men in our neighborhood are all now chain saw on a stick fanatics. Bet Terry would love one too!

  8. Our neighbors across the street took down a bunch of trees very recently. Made me sad but I guess it's better than a storm taking them down. I'm glad some were spared in your near kids back yard.

  9. In the early 80s, we heated with wood as well. Dirty old woodstoves were all that was available then. I did enjoy the coziness of a woodstove and the smell, but not the work and not the dirt. Hope that I don't have to go back to it, but it's looking like a distinct possibility. Your husband can man the chainsaw! Hope that all the work done there, helps everyone feel safer and more secure. We've got a leaner here, too, and it makes me a titch nervous from time to time.

  10. It looks they the boys had a whole lot of fun! I'm smiling...about the chainsaw moving up the 'chain of command'.

  11. This brought back memories to what we have done many years, as we chopped and piled wood on the patio.... Now we chop wood while camping...and enjoy the smells of campfires. Now our newlyweds are chopping their wood and so it continues on.


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