Carrot loving Kobe turns one

We just celebrated Kobe's birthday.
There was no party....but the color of the day was in fact PINK.
We gave her a dog treat and gave her a new toy..
and played outside.

We've had dogs for many years but we've never had one like Kobe.
She is one of a kind.
She appreciates toys and rarely is seen walking or sitting without one in her mouth.

We were told she loves vegetables..
but we didn't realize how much until we noticed her going and picking her own  carrot.

She'll tug one or two out with her teeth, nudge it out with her paw and sit down right there to crunch on her carrot.

She doesn't realize that I like those carrots for my soups...
but fresh out of the garden...
who can blame her and what choice do we have?

That is how she holds it.

And then...she proceeds to grate it.

It will last her quite a long time.

She will work around that carrot until it is munched down.
Orange vegetables are good for you.

all for now...
with love.


  1. Happy Birthday to Kobe...the carrot lovin' dog:)

  2. How sweet. Our lab loved vegetables too. If I had let her into the garden there wouldn't have been a vegetable left for us.
    I am impressed that Kobe can control herself long enough to enjoy it bit by bit instead of the frantic munching most dogs would do.
    Happy birthday to Kobe.

  3. Kobe looks identical to our Skip, (including the red collar), who is now in doggie heaven. Fun dogs. Dairymary

  4. That is too cute! I never knew a dog would dig up it's own snacks. Our dog loves carrots for a treat but they were store bought ones. He'd go stand and the fridge and give a little woof when he wanted one. I don't think he gets any at our son's house now. Maybe I should take him some today for a treat. Happy Birthday to Kobe!

  5. She is a watch dog too, right? Carrot eating helps with good vision!

  6. That's too cute! Probably really good for her teeth, too.

  7. That's so funny - our dog is the same. but Roger wasn't as resigned as you are. She ate quite a few of his "good organic carrots!" before we figured out what was happening. Now we're trying to figure out a way to keep her out of the carrot patch next year!

  8. We've had dogs that ate grapes right off the vine...but never carrots. Maybe you'll have to plant a carrot patch just for Kobe next year. Happy birthday Kobe!

  9. Happy Birthday, Kobe. I know he loves toys! He tried hard to get me to play with him, just walking rom the car to the house. So funny about he carrots! A toy you can eat! I'm sure you wont mind planting an extra row next year.

  10. Years ago we had a cocker spaniel who LOVED green beans ... we discovered this when we couldn't figure why Mama's green bean vines that she worked so hard at training up on her wires were pulled all the way across the garden and into the yard. One day she walked outside and there was 'Candy' the cocker tugging on the beans until they finally came off the vine, and then just enjoyed his snack!

  11. So cute - our Cairn Terriers love carrots too as well as lettuce (especially the bottom end of the lettuce). Dogs love apples too!! Kobe is so smart to dig her own fresh from the garden!!! Gorgeous Dog - happy birthday!

  12. What a fortunate dog Kobe is! Having you as his owners and having a lovely garden like yours to partake in, must be one of the reasons he is such a good dog. The pictures are so good! Wishing him a belated birthday and many more carrots.

    Oh, and by the way, your blog background looks so nice!

  13. Our dog Cinders also enjoyed a good carrot - she was known to take the cobs off of the corn plant although she preferred nibbling the last bits of buttered and salted kernals after we were finished eating.


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