the busyness and beauty of summer

It's been a busy week.
Early in the week we invited our Calgary cousins and Aunties to a few good old Mennonite treats.

Auntie Hilda was very happy to show off her sweet grandson. 

midweek we were very excited to see our friends from Virginia come on the farm yard.
Anneliese who first had the connection with Artful Accents was quick to arrive right after them and like the first time when we met Kathy...
there was heartfelt emotion.

Blogging friends are real friends.
I realized it again as we shared around appetizers in our backyard and then later as we sat around the table in Anneliese and her H's back yard.

The summer has been beautifully rich with reconnections from near and far.

In the next wee while...
I'll be enjoying the other part of summer that we all need from time to time.

all for now...


  1. Happy Times! I love how you enjoy them.

    (I will say the same thing in my post for later today, have already said it, but it's waiting for the "magic" hour — that blogging friends are real friends.)

  2. Summer really is a beautiful time to be busy and to reconnect with family and friends! Blogging friends are very special to me - wish I could be sitting at your table right now Lovella! That would be so amazing! You are the perfect hostess and I always appreciate and love the way write from your heart!

  3. What lovely connections for a summer day - new friends and friends of long-standing. Real friends, indeed.

  4. A summer rich in get-togethers. Good times for sure...

  5. Beautiful connections and beautiful friendships! God is good!

    PS - what a sweet smiling granddaughter turning 3 in your previous post!! Her smile would light up a room!

  6. Busy times...but good times!

    I think Auntie Hilda's grandson looks like his daddy.

    Enjoy the next phase of your summer festivities!

  7. Lovella, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see you again! Thank you so much for hosting us at your lovely home!

  8. Hi Lovella

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog seems to be a subject many are reluctant to join in on which baffles me since we all go through it.

    It's nice to see you and your family enjoying summer and good times with friends near and far! Enjoy the rest of your visits.

  9. I bet she is so happy to be sitting at your table. You are right, blogging friends are a gift.

    Hope you have fun on the next part of your summer journey. Maybe you will share it with us.


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