Summer Evening Party

We had our first family outdoor supper this summer.
They came ready to play...
greeting one another with hugs and smiles.

We don't have horses...
but the neighbours do and I pulled the wagon across the field so they could hear me make horse sounds in an attempt to make the horse whinny.

The oldest two little ones...
played a unique version of scrub which mostly was practice in connecting with the ball with a bat.
The dads offered encouragement and threw those balls as close to the bats as possible.

In between...
the bikes were all pulled out and young and younger claimed the wheels of their liking and zipped around the yard.

The littlest one?
He just ran back and forth with a smile.

Even he knew that summer is good...
especially when the sun shines.

all for now...


  1. This sunshine just puts a smile on your face for sure! So happy we get to enjoy it for more days to come.

  2. So glad your family lives close enough that your grands can enjoy their cousins in the summer sun.

  3. Now it is about time for the sun to shine! Good heavens, you've all been patiently waiting for some time.

    What a fun evening yours looks. Now why didn't someone take a video of you whinnying trying to get the horses to have a conversation?! Where's that daughter-in-law with the camera?

    I'm loving the ball game in party dress. So sweet...

  4. I'm glad you are seeing some sunshine there. Your photos speak of fun, simple times that make great memories. Pamela

  5. Don't you just love it when they greet each other? So cute!
    On that same night.. ours tumbled around on the grass all evening .. so happy. After they left, the long green lawn looked like a shag carpet that needed vacuuming... so now it's mowed.

  6. What a beautiful way to spend an evening!

  7. What a great place to see the kids enjoy the sunshine and feel it in their bones...not just the little ones, but the big ones also.
    It will be so nice to have this wonderful weather. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Such sweet pictures! They made me smile. Thanks, Lovella

  9. Family coming together to celebrate - even without a special reason - is just plain fun. So wonderful to see the sun and have a chance to do all those wonderful outdoor activities.

  10. Joys and blessings in the journey of life. Your pictures are so much fun to look at. A perfect summer evening.


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