Flag July 1st 2012

He was going to change the flag first thing this morning and I halted his walk to the pole with a hope that we might get company to help us change the flag.

Sure enough..
after picking strawberries they stopped in to share some fresh strawberries and ice cream with us.

They saw the ripped worn flag and I explained how that was not right to have a torn flag flying from your pole.

So the torn flag came down while they danced around the pole in excitement.

The lil' farm hand took responsibility for the torn flag while Kanneloni Macaroni was ready with the new flag.

She pulled it out of the bag and eagerly stretched to reach Grandpa.


At this point...
their Mommy took the camera and I visually became part of the story which is a rare occurrence  for a blogger.

We sang O Canada...

We enjoyed the moment!

Sweet moments!

The step ladder has two sides.

I love the way my camera responds to their Mommy.

The interaction is common...
but rarely captured.

Enjoy the rest of the photos..
they speak for themselves.


Canada Day...


  1. First of all, your new banner mosaic is just beautiful!

    This post speaks volumes to me. The quiet lessons that you are teaching these precious little ones, are so valuable. The respect and the loyalty that they are learning regarding their flag and the special day to honor it, are important. I like seeing their expressions and excitement. Great pictures!

  2. This is absolutely precious Lovella! I love how you are all wearing red and it's so nice to see you in the picture as well! What a great lesson and memory for your beautiful grands on Canada's 145th.

  3. Your daughter-in-law captured some wonderful moments. Hand that camera over as often as you can so that you, too, can be a part of the story. What a good one it is, too. And does anything make one feel happier than to have the new flag flying high? Your grands caught the significance of the moment, too. Such cutie pies! Now where was little brother?

    (John must replace his on a yearly basis as the wind whips so on that main highway and out in the open. He once tried not displaying it, but got so many comments about its being missed that up a new one went.)

  4. Beautiful moments Lovella! Bea has such an eye for the exact framing of preciousness.
    I am so glad you were able to stall Terry's flag replacement timeline. Instead of a completed chore the task became a family celebration...how cool!

  5. Such a sweet sweet post!! You're right about the blogger's dilemma - the story-teller is not usually in the story. But we need to do it every now and then - so the grands remember that we were there too! :)

  6. Nice.... Lovella, the pictures were so pure and simple...tore at the heart strings.

  7. Picture perfect....I love the reds...and now they will always look at flags to see if thet are torn...
    Talking about flags...it,s destined and ordered....

  8. A celebration captured, so beautifully! The young ones will remember the lesson of the flag and the older ones the cuddles and games. It feel wonderful to capture those happy moments and I can appreciate the ability of you getting into the picture, in more than one way. Love this post!

  9. Oh that is so sweet! Loved all the photos and interactions. Precious moments for sure! So glad you got in the photos, too.

  10. The little ones will forever remember the lesson about the flag - I can hear the voices over the next generation....

  11. Happy Canada Day, Lovella! Your photos told a beautiful story of the love of a family and patriotism!

  12. Happy July celebrations! Hard to believe tomorrow is the 4th -- my kids are so excited! i need to do a major month shop and bake a pie and get things organized....always so much to do, isn't there!

    I'm glad you made it into the photos! I'm so afraid my little babies will grow up before I know it. I guess I'll get grandbabies then!! :)

  13. Oh Lovella. They are such dear children. And so teachable. You take so many moments to teach and train and of course, to LOVE! Such a lovely post. :)

  14. Beautiful post. I have tears in my eyes. So nice to see you in pictures with your husband and grandkids. Lovely!

  15. Great pictures!! Precious moments.

  16. What a precious post......that one will bring smiles and joy to your grammie heart for a long time. All sweetness!


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