a full table

We often think that our bungalow is bursting at the seams when the family comes home and on occasion I wonder how my parents felt when we all came home with our little ones.

On this particular visit it looks like we were having a special meal together since I see her Royal Albert china on the table.  It looks like the whole family was not home for this occasion but I remember when we were all home that another table was stuck on the end and we made it work.

I don't remember it ever being a problem.
I don't even remember my parents complaining about bursting at the seams.
I do remember lots of laughter and kids running under foot while the adults sat around chatting...setting tables....clearing tables...washing dishes  (by hand) and all the conversations that those simple chores allowed.

The door was always open....and food was always found.

It's good to remember what I remember about what was important...
then and now.

all for now...


  1. I love photos like this! I have similar memories of my grandmother's. Looking at her house today I wonder how we fit everyone in but she did! I expect in heaven there will be plenty of room at the table but also I wonder if there will be that "bursting at the seams" feeling somehow too....it's fun to think about.

  2. And you're peeking around at the camera...so cute. The only one interacting with the camera...very sweet. How nice that you can recreate what was going on by seeing the dishes and the people gathered.

    Yes, I remember such scenes...aunts and uncles and cousins all gathered around. My mother would abandon the kitchen table and set up long tables in the living room. I do remember that she complained about lack of space and always said that older folks needed bigger homes not smaller ones to house all the grandchildren. ☺ But oh how she loved to play hostess and the meals were always memorable.

  3. What a great post....I loved your yellow slippers!:)
    Looks like times around the tables we sat at in years gone by too. Always room for one more....happy times.

  4. Such great memories...

    In my family thought we had aunts and uncles and cousins we didn't live near them and never spent holidays or anything with them. We had a small table with the five of us and my grandparents.

    Now with a big family of my own, we try to fill the table up with family and friends - the more the merrier.


  5. what I see is that then as now it's hard to get people to look at the camera... and yet maybe the photographer wanted to get just that look of everyone just enjoying time around the table and not necessarily seeing their faces.
    I see you ... not missing a thing. =)

  6. That photo brings back memories for me too. Good times around a full dining table and good food too. I have set up extra tables before too and then we sometimes just eat off our laps with all the food on the table buffet style.

  7. I love seeing these glimpses into your past. They just reinforce the bond of family. This picture also brings to mind the verse we read on the weekend: "The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. I have a goodly heritage." Ps. 16:6

  8. .....just like at my mum's house. There were many Sunday's when there would be strangers at the table - new people Mum had met at church. Somehow there was always enough room and enough food.

  9. Ahh this is great. It reminds me of our humble home growing up with a full load around the table!!

  10. I try to remind myself of that every day. That same philosophy was modeled to me. There is always something in the food kitchen. A new home won,t make any difference...it,s what,s in the heart that counts.

  11. The more the merrier...it's true! The homes of my uncles and aunts and grandparents were not large...and yet there seemed to be no limit to the number of relatives we could fit around the table. That was hospitality being modeled. Love that photo!

  12. Oh wow - this reminds me of home!!
    The exact same white painted chair (we had 7 plus a stool and I now own one of those chairs), the Tupperware juice pitcher, even the flooring - so familiar!!! Our table was always full and it never occured to me that there was any other way! Thanks for the memories.

  13. I like your parent's opinion that there was always room for one more. The picture is so good and I am sure it brings back happy memories for you. Good reminder to me.


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