where we stayed

We went to the Mayan Riviera to celebrate our anniversary.
It coincides perfectly with an annual meeting that we attend in Vancouver...
so we use that time as our wind down.....
or wind up...
which ever way you want to look at it.

I don't know if you feel the same way I do when you book a resort ...
but I am always waiting for the part I missed...
or the part they missed.

I read the reviews on all the travel sites and it seems that every place has their share of unhappy travelers and eventually you just have to make a decision and push the button.

I neglected to take photos when we first arrived and it was dark then so this photo of the bed was taken during the stay.
Each day...a new visitor was waiting for us on our bed...
and it never failed to make us smile.

Our room I am quite certain was the last one made up for the day.
Each day when we went to visit the concierge for our building to book the next days dinner...
he asked if everything was fine with our room...
and we said it was just fine.

Only once when we came in to shower at 4:30 did we run into the maid service doing the finishing touches on the room.

We decided there was an upside to having our room made up late...
it didn't matter if we tracked in a bit of sand during the day...
because when we went to bed at night..
the floor was spotless.

Speaking of showers...
this one was made for a family.
It had a handle held shower head at the other end with a bench.

I only say that since our one shower at home...
is built for those that want to shower quick and not dilly dally.

Not everyone cares about nicely manicured grounds..
and they might not necessarily even notice the amount of work it must take to keep such a place free of garbage and bits of dead foliage...
but we noticed.

OH...this picture was in the wrong spot but the fruit basket was such a welcome treat when we arrived.
Sure...there was free fruit on every buffet...
but to have a nice plate of it upon our arrival was ...

This was the view from our room.
Just around the bend down that walkway were the pools and the beach beyond that.
We did not have an ocean view  ..
at night.....that cost would have been too dear....
 but we had an ocean view from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon..
and there was no extra charge for that.

This was the volleyball court which we did not participate in.
We did however think of those at home that would have...
and we felt good about thinking about them. 

Now a word about where we chose to eat breakfast and lunch each day.

There were two main buildings with buffets.
One was near the lobby of the hotel which included white tablecloths.
This buffet building with its high thatched roof was open for buffet during the day and then switched to a la carte for the evenings.

To get to this view...
one had to walk all the way through two large rooms both of which had long buffets.

On our first day there...
we were drawn to the view of the ocean and we were amazed that most people were drawn to sit closer to the buffets.

We chose the ocean and every day we wondered if someone else would discover our secret...
and guess what?
Every day...we had one of the tables along the big picture windows.

Are you the type to sit by the pool or the beach?
We realized that people are either of one persuasion or the other.

The pools were beautiful.
On our first three days there it was actually a quite windy and I wrapped myself in my towel and chenille cover up.

One day of those three days we sat by the pool...
but spent the remaining days by the ocean.

If it is a pool that you love...
there are plenty of those inland.

I didn't mind cleaning my glasses every few hours from the sea spray..
nor did I mind the feeling of sand stuck to my sunscreen.
I didnt' mind the sand even blowing in my face now and then.

Oh ...
and if you are truly curious where we stayed..
I'll link it here.

we'll talk about food.

all for now.. 


  1. It sounds as if you make a careful selection based on a lot of research and then you pray. Your prayers were answered. What an exquisite location!

    (I am a beach person more than a pool person. In fact, I have never sat by a pool in my life. Is it time to book a resort?)

    Oh, and you can't fool me with that revealing of secrets...you want someone to track down what was going on down the beach! =D

  2. It looks just awesome! I'm both...sit by the ocean in the morning until lunch time, then I sit by the pool in the afternoon. In the evening, I go back to the ocean. :-)

  3. It looks like you pushed the button at the right time! Lovely.

    I like the beach...and the pool. Hubby prefers to keep his feet out of the sand. Go figure.

  4. If a vacation at such a lovely place as that could not unwind a busy person I doubt any place could. I could hear ocean sounds and pool sounds as I looked at all the pictures...isn't that a fun brain fueled add-on?

  5. It really looks like a lovely spot for sure Lovella!

  6. I'm an ocean girl...pools are just for cleaning off after coming in from the ocean...Thanks for taking us through this splendid resort. It looks like it served you well, and yes reminiscing is fun, lest we busy ourselves with other things and forget that we were ever away.

  7. The place you chose looks like the right place! It's beautiful! We've done both... the pool and the beach...especially when it's calm and they have chairs or mattresses to set out. Heavenly. We love walking the beach.

  8. I'm definitely a beach girl and this place looks really nice. Glad you had a wonderful time there!

  9. What a lovely resort to celebrate your special anniversary, Lovella!

    I am also a beach person. I can't sit still and would be walking from one end to the other on the beach looking for shells or sea glass. I also love to hear the gentle motion sound of the waves.

  10. It certainly looks like you made the right choice! I love both pool and beach - and like you, don't mind a little sand between my toes, in my hair or between the pages of my book.

  11. Good grief, the place you stayed at is gooooooorgeous! You definitely picked a good one! How could someone complain about that resort? And other than an oil spill or dangerous undertow (although that's never stopped me) or shark infestation, I never understand why anyone would choose a pool when you are at a warm ocean. Chlorine chemicals or natural organic salt water? It's a no brainer!

  12. I liked the view from your room....your table secret....so perfect! I'd choose the beach too. Looks amazing!

  13. What a beautifully documented vacation! I enjoyed reading through your last few blog posts. I too would have preferred to bring the salad bar along home. As for the beach or pool...I prefer both, whatever we are in the mood for. Lovely, relaxing moments are in my memories, of both places.

    Your black and white dress looks so good! I like when I find a dress that is comfortable and never needs ironing. That's a keeper!

    Thanks for sharing so many special aspects of your vacation.


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