sunset across the sea

Before I move on to share photos of our vacation...
I want to share this little story with you.

While Judy was sitting with her camera in hand watching the sunset from the most southern point of the USA....
we were flying just a bit west of her in a northern direction back to Canada.

During our daily walks we watched a resort down the beach prepare for some big party.
Every day we wondered if we would run out of time to see how it would look when they were finished.

We wondered what they were building.
Oh we  I wondered.
Rubber necking would not begin to describe me.
I couldn't take photos...those security people did not seem to invite photography.

On our last day there...
security was stiff... the grounds were being groomed...
they had built  platforms which were anchored out at sea....
 and we felt fairly sure we would be  missing the fireworks down the beach.

My curiosity was sadly not satisfied and I'll always wonder who that party was for.

When our flight left...
the sky was ablaze with a strip of color that made me smile.

What man can do is amazing...
but no one can out create God.

all for now...


  1. He saw the sunset He had made...stretched acoss the sky. God saw that it was good!

  2. The very best light show in the universe!

  3. How wondrous are Thy works Oh God!

  4. Lovely picture, lovely story.
    Security must have be very tight if you didn't manage to get a picture of yourself with which ever celebrity was involved....heck, the people in attendance at the event probably wandered about the event thinking they were going to get you to autograph their copy of the MGCC cookbooks...

  5. Reflections of God's beauty always amaze me...Did you happen to see the sunset last night during that quick cloud burst of rain?
    I'm so surprised that you were not able to sneak by security and find a name tag and move with the dignitaries representing MGCC.

  6. So true. Everything we do is an imitation of God's creativity...

  7. Beautiful photograph as was Judy's. Things like this drive me nuts. Now I'll probably spend my day wondering about the party being prepared on that beach...

  8. God...the creator of all things. Gorgeous photo! He also gave us curious minds...I would have been trying to find out what the party was all about too. Welcome home!

  9. Amen to that!!! =)

  10. Could it have been the cancun-Mayan Riviera Wine and Food Festival?

  11. His creation in amazing! Beautiful!
    I love how you get so curious about things.
    Kind of contagious.

  12. I'm on my way to see that view over the sea! So beautiful!

  13. He is ablaze in beauty! (quoting Dallas Willard's translation of the Lord's Prayer)

    What a glorious sky you captured through your lens.


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