pink yellow green

When I was a little girl...
it was easy for folks to find our house on the country road.
I never questioned my mom's choice for the bright and cheery colours of our home.
Maybe my dad had a say in the color...
but I have my doubts.

This view was the back of the house.
The Evergreen trees along the driveway were planted..
one for each child in the family.

That sidewalk system around the house and the turn offs to the driveway hold precious memories for me...
which I will tell you another time..
once I dig the photo out .

I'm pretty sure this color combination will not be found at any paint store.
I'm glad my mom could choose from her heart...
and not from a color palette.

all for now..


  1. I love this. My childhood home was pink. The only pink house in town. Sigh.

    That is an amazing path system around the house. Was it the trail you used for biking around?

  2. Choice from the heart..beautiful!
    Waiting to hear about the sidewalk system:)

  3. Your mom's colour choices would fit right in with the Florida beach houses. That is a fact that I would suppose she would not know about...but then again, the Florida "look" was big in the 40's and 50s when she was pulling her house together. Maybe she secretly just wanted to live where it was warm and the beach was just steps away. If she was still living in the house so painted, I would be tempted to send her a lawn flamingo to install in summer to make the dream more real.

  4. That is fun. I'm glad you have photos to document it...

  5. I love that front view! Someone had a creative eye as they took the photo with the flowers in the foreground. The whole look just spells ... home... love ... happiness. Did the backside get taken at a different time with the blue/green on top, or does the lighting just don't show it in the front? There is something about those old houses that suits those colors. I remember the house we lived in when I was ten ... an old house maybe built in the 40's ... it was covered with bits of what looked like pop bottles cut up into tiny pieces of glass. Kind of a glass cut stucco. I admired the shiny pieces in there.

  6. Your home was as colorful as Spring flowers. Lovella! Much nicer than a gray house would be. You Mom must be a cheerful person.

  7. Lovella
    I think you had a mother who had spirit and
    walked by the beat of her own drum!!! She
    must have been a creative sort of lady,too. I
    lived in a house that looked almost just like
    this, but it was white-always!

  8. Oh Heavens...while growing up our house was the same yellow and green! What memories you brought back to me! I grew up in British Columbia myself...thank you for this!

  9. How interesting to see those colors. I immediately thought of tulip colors. Today someone stopped by and asked for the chip number of our house color...I'm wondering if anyone ever stopped by and asked your Mom the same question? I'm sure she said, "Come on in and have some coffee and shared life with them."

  10. Colours from the heart ~ I like that! I always liked the colours my mom chose as well (inside and outside)...though they are maybe not what we would pick today.

  11. You childhood home reminds me of houses in Cape Breton - always so beautifully colourful. The house that all my parents' grandchildren remember going home to was a beautiful yellow and all of the kids grew up calling it 'The Yellow House'...of course!

  12. I would have guessed that you would have grown up in a cheery colored house. This post made me smile a happy smile, especially when you wrote that those paint colors might not be popular today. Thanks for sharing these fun pictures.


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