Hospitality at the Blaine Library

On Saturday morning...
Kathy and Judy met at my house and we piled into my car...
and drove across the border to Washington State.
drove from her hometown in Washington State and met us at the Blaine Library.

This invitation to come to a library was new to us.
We as authors were invited to share our story and ....
we were not sure.

It turned out...
we were in for a royal treat.
They baked and set the table and the room for a morning which felt like a celebration.

I yakked up a storm.

In true librarian style...
they invited class participation.

I peeked into the children's library.

At noon..
we walked across the street to the Blackberry Cafe.

Debbie and Cindy from the Blaine Library took us out for lunch.

It is nearly impossible not to take photos of beautifully coloured food.
It was ...

And that...
was our morning at the Blaine Library.

Cindy and Debbie were so kind and welcoming and by the time lunch was over...
I knew I had made two new friends.

Last night as I was writing this post....
my beloved commented...

"you sure have met nice people because of blogging".

Yes....I surely have.

all for now..


  1. What wonderful comments gals left! What a great place to have a chat about cookbooks and history and heritage and life and friendship and service and ministry... Terrific! (Did you tape your talk?)

  2. Libraries are among my favourite places. What a treat for the Blaine library patrons!

  3. Blaine Library...what a friendly place it was. And how I enjoyed sitting at the back of the room...and listening to Lovella share the story! As for the Blackberry Cafe...I'll be back one day. Thanks, Cindy and Debbie for hosting us.

  4. It really was a lovely morning and lunch time! Thanks for capturing the time so well Lovella.

  5. Lovely library and so nice that the librarians thought of asking you to come speak...and showed up for work on a Saturday too! Terry was have met lots of great people all over North America and I would dare to say...probably all over the world!

    (Eagerly awaiting the day you blog from the Ukranian orphanage!)

  6. You fully captured the day was a really nice time together! I must agree.....we have all met so many wonderful new friends along the way.

  7. Just look at those smiles.

  8. I did not like missing out, but I'm happy you could go. We sure have and will continue to meet nice people!

  9. Thanks for giving me a shortened version of your trip to Blaine Library. As you know I was torn for obvious reasons. I always enjoy the trips together for the same reason that blogging friends have things in common.
    I'm happy that you introduced us to this new concept.

  10. Looks like you all had another very successful book signing. I am in awe of your accomplishments and your friendships. BTW your pictures are wonderful Lovella and always weave such an interesting story with your descriptive comments. You do a wonderful job!

  11. My life is certainly more complete having met you! :-) Because you dream, you inspire others to dream. Keep dreaming!


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