brother and sister

Perhaps you have seen this scene before on this blog and wonder what I could see with new eyes.

I saw something I had not seen before...
it was him being the big brother.

He had come around the corner of the barn...
having made a large loop.
He had likely passed his little sister in the east field and then noticed her bike was left in the...
west field.

He stopped..
and loaded up her bike ...
and didn't seem to notice that I was noticing.

It was then that I remembered those times that my older brothers ...
did sweet simple things because I was the little sister.

May he always have a heart to watch over his little sister.
May she always accept his watch with grace.

Everyone needs a big brother.

is coming over this morning to help me with a media presentation.

He noticed a need....
he offered ...

and that is how I noticed this scene with new eyes.

all for now..
with a grateful heart.


  1. sweet is that! Such a caring brother. This post made me smile:)

  2. I'm blessed to have a big brother. When I was younger, I mistook his caring for "meddling," but I see it as it was now. It was him watching out for me. This little guy seems to be taking on his role quite nicely! :-)

  3. I have always wanted a big brother. Have a great morning with yours.

    Sweetest pictures and I love the way you tell a story.

  4. What joy an act of kindness brings - especially to a Grammy's heart when she sees her grands modelling it.

  5. I always wished for a big brother! Our son is 7 years older than this sister, and was always a sweet big brother - still is. It was lovely to learn that our daughter's fiance, having no brothers, asked Lillypad's to be his Best Man.

  6. Since my brother has cut off all contact with our family I truly look at this with longing eyes. Hug your brother, as I am sure you do anyways.

  7. What a meaningful post...I too have reconnected with one of my brothers, it has taken a few years..but it is so special and now I get to watch my youngest grandson look up to his older he models his life at such a young age. You won't sneak anything by him. Wonderful!

  8. Wonderful sweet gesture with your grandson and your brother! Love it...

  9. There have been times when I wished for a big brother! May your grandson always be so caring and he is today. Sweet post.

  10. For some reason this post got my eyes a bit wet. I always wanted an older brother. Maybe that is why I married someone who loves to watch out for me.

  11. How sweet! What a practical and considerate boy!

  12. What a nice sweet story! I have 4 older brothers and they are all wonderful and look out for us 4 girls - or at least most of the time :). Isn't it great to have a brother to help you with your marketing!?

  13. I have two younger brothers and they take the best care of me. Thank God for our brothers!


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