A bluebay sunrise

We arrived home after 1:30 am last night.
The luggage is still out in the garage where it will be emptied....
the contents will be sorted into laundry piles.

Between the time change in British Columbia and the time differences from whence we came...
I am not entirely sure what time it is.
My inner clock wants to wake up.
It is not concerned with the amount of sleep I've had.

The house is dark ...
but I'm not up waiting for the sun to rise.
Judging from the sound of the rain on the road...
when it meets the rubber of the vehicles going by...
there will  only be a gradual lightening of the skies...
to a dull grey.

We had a wonderful time on the Mayan Riviera.
I'll post more on our stay at the Grand Esmerelda another time.

I'll wait for my beloved to finish sleeping...
and then it will be my turn to put the coffee pot on.

all for now...


  1. Safe and sound and home. Good news to read.
    Guess the laundry won't be treated to any blue skies clothesline time though.

  2. I noticed that the sun you captured on it's way up was captured by Judy on the same day on it's way down. Both just amazingly beautiful!
    Welcome Home!

  3. Welcome home Lovella. The sunrise picture was welcome on this grey day. It speaks of hope and a new day ahead.

  4. Welcome home! I still have piles of laundry and piles in the garage to sort through from the wedding festivities! Enjoy getting used to the right time zone!!

  5. Welcome back! So good to know that you are back home again after a lovely vacation. Only sorry that you have so much laundry to do. Listen to that inner clock of yours. It'll have you straightened around in no time.

  6. The Mayan Riviera is that last place in Mexico that I went - many years ago! I ache to go back. It's just so breathtaking! Glad you had a nice time. There's nothing like warm sun to warm the soul!

  7. Welcome home! Can't wait to see more!

  8. What a memory you left with and left us with. That sunrise is amazing! Are you sure you wanted to come home? I can totally understand why you woke up early also. Did you have your cup of coffee with you?

  9. Absolutely love ocean sunrises and sunsets...actually any time spent by the ocean is awesome!

  10. What a lovely holiday that must have been. I smiled to read that I am not the only one who leaves the luggage in the laundry room after a trip!

  11. Welcome home my friend as you continue to hear the raindrops whether soft or thundering...the time has changed...and I need see the sunshine...badly, but I'm glad you are safely home again.


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