the art-eest

Only very special things go on my refrigerator.

On Monday...
I gained a new piece of artwork.

Grandgirlie requested the paints and paper and set to work.

Hard at work...
mixing and rinsing and dabbing on paper towel....
she hardly took a moment to chat with me.

I asked if I might help her....

and she reluctantly said I could make flowers...
and then watched me like a hawk sparrow.

Once she was satisfied with her artwork...
we took the beautiful magnets that Vee sent to me...
and put the art on the fridge.
Are they not perfect?  I love them....thank you Vee.
There is something extra special about unexpected gifts.  

I said to Grandgirlie...."that is a fantastic Easter Bunny ....look at her go".
She said...(with exaggerated two syllables..."Gra - mmie"...
"that's you!"

Well of course...I saw it then.
I was wearing a pony-tail for Grammie Day.

I might not keep every piece of artwork that the grands give me...
but its quite lovely that I can save it here...
for their enjoyment and mine...
years down the road.

all for now..


  1. Of course that's you! How could you not have known from the first?

    Now I wondered which set you'd get. Looks about right to me.

  2. Fridge worthy for've got quite the little artist there!

  3. Oh that's fabulous. She really captured you! :0)

  4. You know something...just the other day I was saying to Bernie how much you remind me of the Easter bunny when you wear your hair in a pony tail....

    Your Grandgirlie has quite an artistic flair. I will look forward to seeing more of her art work displayed here over the years.

  5. Real keepers...the artwork and the magnets! Love her depiction of the 'Easter bunny'.

  6. You are so true...people sometimes question the blogging thing...and I just think to myself...someday I may take all my blogs and put them into a nice booklet, just to remember these fond days of living life with the family.
    That is the greatest treasure and I love your ponytail.

  7. What great spring colors she used! So sweet and precious!

    What a great place to save all the treasured paintings etc....on the blog!


  8. What a sweet story! Your descriptions are so precious that go with the pictures. She is a great little "arteest" for sure - I see she even painted a little chick - so cute.

  9. I love this! Of course I can easily imagine the scene especially how you describe it so well. Wish this Grammy here could wear a ponytail.

  10. I knew it was you before I read it - it's all about the attitude!

  11. She must feel so honored to have her artwork, featured on her famous grandma's refrigerator. What a sweet post!

  12. Kids' artwork is terrific!!! I love the portrait of "Grammie".

  13. Kids and their artwork - it's so special and interesting! Our far away grandsons have special mailboxes for the grandparents, and uncles, where the artwork with a recipient gets stored until someone goes out there. Then, we get several pieces at once. Our fridge looks quite busy right now. Before I dispose of the things, as I won't keep much of it, I take photos, and store them on my computer. Dairymary

  14. I thought that was you in the picture :)


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