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Quite close to our spot on the beach was this swing set which surrounded a beverage service.
We didn't sit there.
It looked the nicest this time of day before the ones that had sat there too long were sitting there.

Did I mention the breakfast and lunch table that had our name on it?
Look beyond the table to the man working on the poles sticking straight out of the sand.
He is building a wedding ceremony spot by the ocean.
We never did figure out why they would spend hours putting it up for each wedding and then take it down again after the wedding was over.
If there was another wedding one day after another...
the poles were put back into the ground and the poles you see lying on the ground were tied to the top and long strips of bridal illusion was hung beautifully around.

I asked our server...
"why up...and down...and up again?"
He shrugged his shoulders and didn't have an answer.

We decided it was work for them...
and so we were satisfied.

Each day...
the little fridge in the rooms was replenished.
We went through a good tanker of water.

I neglected to take photos inside each restaurant.
I was trying to match the mood of my beloved and somehow taking photos throughout the evening didn't add to the romance.
This was the french restaurant.
It was the best.  We ate there twice.

I came straight home and bought a box of Muesli.
Every morning I ate this for breakfast and am firmly hooked on it.
I need to make my own...which I will then share with you.

Isn't that just the prettiest plate of garnishes?
I couldn't ever get over how many hours of preparation happened that we never saw.

This was dessert at the french restaurant.
Always pretty!

I was always so pleased with the way things were prepared and ready.
When arriving for dinner...
bottles of champagne were waiting.
So pretty.

We didn't do any buffet eating aside from lunch and our simple breakfast.

If I could have one thing come home with me...
it was this salad bar. 

This was my lunch every day.

I came home and made a big batch of fresh salsa.
It has helped the transition back to the real world here in the bungalow.

all for now..


  1. And quite a transition it has been, I'm sure. You mean those swings don't look nearly so cute when someone is hanging on for dear life? Gotta wonder about the wisdom behind that selection of seating. I think it's very smart!

    Had to chuckle at your being tempered by your hubby's need to have a wife who doesn't blog for an evening or two. =D The men get so good at being the blogs' sidekicks.

  2. So lovely. The food really does look fussed over. Fresh salsa is the best!

  3. I love the photo of the swings! I like the novelty of swings for seats. Too bad many of the people using them might fall of them!

    You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. Stop by my blog to collect your award! http://fruitloopgirlslife.blogspot.com/2012/03/versatile-blogger-award.html

  4. I like how you set a routine there. Isn't it funny how one does that, whether at home or away? How does one find just the right spot and then not wonder if another spot would be better? Love that photo of you at the table and the palm trees blowing. As for the photos that you did not get . . .sometimes we have to tell ourselves that it's okay to just enjoy and not take photos.
    I was wondering about those swings around the bar... were they supposed to help customers feel a bit more tipsy? I can just imagine if they waited too long to get off.

  5. I just need to look at those photos and my mouth starts to water! I'm thinking back to our time at an all-inclusive on the Mayan Riviera...and how we opted to have lunch at the same poolside 'cafe' every day (rather than the big dining room)...where we heaped up our plates with fresh salsa, guacamole and chips. Yum!

  6. Oh my, I learned to eat Muesli on the cruise with fresh fruit. I have a great recipe that I need to share with you. Once you start you can't stop.
    Our eyes sure know how to feast on those delicacies that none of us take for granted. I liked your comment about not always taking photos while eating. So true!

  7. That all looks so wonderful. I'm enjoying your post holiday posts.

  8. Everything sounds so wonderful! Yes, it's awkward sometimes to take pictures, isn't it? Sounds like a good decision not to spoil the mood.......I think I'm a "sit by the beach" person but one day by the pool would also be nice. Am looking forward to your muesli trial.

  9. What a beautiful trip you had....love all the beautiful details you show...good things to take away for parties or special events...


  10. I fell in love with the muesli too, when we were at the resort in Mexico. Every morning I would have it with yogurt and dried fruits and nuts. I think I originally fell in love with muesli when I lived in Germany for a year. My favourite store brand is Alpen; I like it untoasted best. If you find a good recipe or post one, I would love to try it...Julia @Oceansoul


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