when it pays to stay home

Far be it from me to cast a shadow on another's travel plans.
I would not want to discourage a soak in the sun ...
or a splash in the ocean.
If you are reading this from the comfort of your lounge and can casually flick a bit of sand at will...
carry on.

It does seem though that staying home and observing the seasons as they come...
might just be reason enough to stick out the rain..
so that when the clouds part for a week...
we feel truly grateful..
for 14 degrees C.

Fresh chopped chives..
in February...
in Canada.

Sweet simple pleasures.

all for now..


  1. :)

    The weather here has been so mild...amazing!


  2. Wonderful weather! Looks like an early spring. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it feels pleasant. (It was in the 40sF here yesterday, the 20sF today, and will be back in the 40sF tomorrow. We're see-sawing pretty well.)

  3. Isn't that crazy? I better go out and check to see if I have some chives poking up!

  4. Marg is pulling carrots...you are cutting chives. I think I better see what is out in my garden these days!

  5. Great minds think alike...chives add such a wonderful flavor any time.

  6. It really has been a glorious stretch of winter days for us here in the Pacific North West! Love it and I love your chives! Hmmm...maybe I should plant some chives this year!

  7. You guys are so lucky living in the banana belt of Canada! Still frozen here. Didn't even go above O during the day! Hoar frost on everything! Brrrrrr. I can hardly wait until we have chives coming up! I can hardly wait until our frozen earth thaws! Enjoy the 14C!

  8. It's raining up here today, but after the week of sunshine I know that spring is just around the corner. I must call TGD and ask him to check the garden - for chives, or carrots or Brussels Sprouts....I'm sure I saw some good ones on the weekend.

  9. I ask for prayer for my wife. She just left to travel to Ohio and then fly with her mother to Oregon for her brothers wedding! Thanx!

  10. Well, we don't have chives yet -- but I should go and see if they are peeping up. Your rhubarb is always miles ahead of ours but I did peek beneath the top layer of soil on Sunday and saw a rhubarb bud!!! A light sprinkling of snow today and colder temps this week -- but it may be warmer next week!

  11. I've been clipping chives since the summer. The snow covered them for about a week, but once it was gone I was back snipping handfuls. I too am grateful for these simple pleasures.

  12. Hi I was going to make your cabbage rolls, and looked at your girls blog and then looked at the one in the cookbook,, two different ones,,I was just wondering which one you do use. thanks shirley

  13. Shirley, I make the one in the book now. I have made this one often and always with good results. We actually had that for supper tonight with our kids.

    1. Lovella <3 Thank-you so very much for responding so quick!!! Will do the one in the book then== it does look soo yummmy ,I also am doing my daily bible reading on your site,,, if you don't mine, me doing that,,, just gives me going for the day THANKS

  14. What you said about staying home for the seasons is my heart as well... but there is nothing like spring, is there... the first fresh growth and signs of life - when everything is beautiful. My favorite time of year!


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