throat drops

Have you ever bought something for old times sake?
I don't even have  a cough but when I spotted this package recently at the drug store...
I couldn't resist the soothing wild cherry throat drop from my childhood.

My parents rarely could afford to buy sweets of any kind but when a throat hurt they regularly called on the Smith Brothers to ease the discomfort.

I remember one late afternoon when I had been sent to bed with a fever.
My mom called my Dad at his work place....
asking for Throat Drops and the prescription from the Drug Store be picked up on his way home.
While I lay deep under the covers...
I learned the art of making those sweet throat drops last for hours.

Somethings are medicinal purely from a comfort stand point.
Don't you think?


  1. My dad always used Horehound cough drops!lol! He always had a bag of them in every place he went.. I miss the ol feller.

  2. Yes, some things represent comfort...

    Do they taste just as good as you remembered?

  3. I agree. I didn't know this brand of throat drops were still out there. I remember buying them as a child. I also remember accidently swallowing one in class one day and it stuck in my throat. I had to ask permission to get a drink of water from the fountain many times until it finally melted! It burned and hurt a lot as it was menthol. I'll never forget that. Pamela

  4. I didn't know that these were still made! Our mothers had the same opinion regarding candy, so a sore throat was a mixed blessing. Cherry was better than any flavour that came afterward.

  5. I remember these! I recently bought Malt-to-Meal purely for the comfort! I walk through my old neighborhood just for comfort as well. Nostalgia rocks. ;o)

  6. America's favorite...and Lovella's favorite too.
    Could make for a great ad campaign

  7. Yes, I agree. If I would have spotted those I would have purchased them, too. I have a horrible confession to make...I once stole 25 cents from my mother so I could buy those drops on the way to school and thought the teacher would be ok with me sucking on them since they were medicine LOL! A sinner in need of a savior was I...

    1. Oh Ellen...I am thinking this is worth day two of a post about the wonderful Smith Brothers. I sure did smile.

  8. Oh yes, I loved Smith Brothers Cherry Coffee drops! It was almost worth getting a cold just so I could use them! Thanks for the memories.

  9. I don't think I've ever had those, but we had Vicks cough candy
    or losenges. I remember using the wrong word for them once when we were in the US and the cashier had no ides what I was talking about. So knowing the correct word ... I would assume it's throat drop? ...could be a life saver.

  10. We only ever got Vicks. And it was such a treat when we would get the cherry flavored ones. Cherry is the best! If I ever see the Smith Brothers I shall give them a try!

  11. This reminded me of the box of Sucrets, that I use to store my needles. Just like you I was ready to post about it, because it stores many memories for me of my parents. I think I will keep that tin.

  12. I can't say we ever had those in our home. My parents thought that Buckley's mixture was all we needed! I quite liked the Vick's cherry 'throat drops' once I was doing the buying.

    I can toatlly identify with buying things for 'old times sake'!

  13. I LOVED those too!!!! Or whatever the brand in the USA (would have been Vermont) that had the same box and cherry picture. I would definitely buy them if I saw them today. My poor kids are sucking on apple pie flavored cough drops this week.


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