Purpose and PULSE

Cooking class in January at Lepp Farm Market took on a whole different level of nervous energy.
Before the class began...
a film team sent by Northview Church came to interview Anneliese and I.

The church has created a number of these little videos with a purpose.
They are meant to "encourage you with the stories of people “on mission” and equip you with information and ideas so that you too can be “on mission” for God’s glory and the good of our city."

I have told the story often since the blog began of how it all began...
and consider it a privilege to share what God can do with willing hearts and simple ideas.

I've learned so much during the last three and a half years since beginning Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
Though I had a fleeting thought of starting a cooking blog on my own...
I knew it would be a daunting task and indeed I am thankful that God gave me the gift of the nine women who agreed to join me in recordin our heritage recipes.

None of us could have known that the simple idea of documenting our recipes would expand to become a book.
Our level of organization at the beginning was rudimentary at best.
With a team who is willing to learn and try new things...
and has a spirit of cooperation as this team does...
we were able to function at a level...
that most board rooms ...
would envy.

Something else that I could have never anticipated was the monetary compensation that we would be able to receive from our labor of love.
To think we decided at the time to give 100% of future royalties to charity is nearly humorous considering  we had no written business plan.
We believe that God was in the project providing the framework...
from the beginning.

We expected when we had our children early in our marriage that we would have lots of life left in us when they would be come adults.  Though we never had plans for that future we can see now that God had a purpose in those early years of our marriage.

Our children  have married and ...

we became happy residers of an empty nest.

I began to blog here out of a desire to pen my thoughts and find a creative outlet for photography.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook was born.

We became Grandparents....woo hoo!!.

This last year the MGCC has authored a book.

This is my life?
I surely can say "it's a wonderful life."

So...you can see now that when we were asked to do a PULSE video I felt more nervous than I normally would.
The producer asked me why that might be.
I thought for a moment and then replied that it is because what I say on that little clip matters.
It matters most that I share truthfully and with the conviction I feel that when God gives us health and strength it should not be frittered away.

I have felt that I want to have purpose and make my life count to honor the one who gave me life.

Am I grateful?
Oh yes...
I am.

May God bless each of the girls who answered the call to do something that would make a difference...
in our communities and further to the ends of the earth.
It is a privilege to share this remarkable journey with them all.

PULSE: Episode 9, The Gift of Hospitality from Northview Church on Vimeo.

all for now....


  1. And God bless our bold leader...on this remarkable journey! It is a privilege to be part of your team.

  2. SO cool!!! Just amazing what God is doing with willing, humble hearts. I am so proud of you girls!

  3. WooooooHooooooo! What an awesome video... Your words were wonderful...Great testimony! Obviously God gave you the exactly perfect words and calmed your fears, because it came out fabulously! And I just have to say that I luuuuuuved the choice of the ocean song that Joel used as the background music!

    1. Karen, I absolutely thought of you when I heard the song they chose. I had to smile...that it was such a fun song. I had to think what they might have picked from our era...and thought of "It only takes a spark". I am glad they did not ask.

  4. Oh, that was so well done! Great video. Awesome legacy.

  5. That video was awesome! Great way to catch the real vibe of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

    Made me a little nostalgic for my days at Northview as well. =)

  6. Wow Lovella - what a great video clip - so well done! Congratulations - Love, Flo!

  7. God is using you in so many amazing ways! Isn't it so exciting to see Him work and His leading and direction in our lives? I continue to learn so much from you. I enjoy sharing your journey with you. Thanks for that privilege.

  8. This was a wonderful video, Lovella, and you did not appear nervous at all. I'm sure the greenhouse will be such a welcome addition to the orphanage in the Ukraine. God bless all of you for all the blessing you bring to others.

  9. Lovella, I've been stretched in so many ways since first coming to visit you on your blog . . . technically, in my writing, in my willingness to try more recipes, which my scale gives proof to as well... but this hurdle of being behind a TV or video camera has probably been the biggest stretch. Are we almost done now? Smile. Through all of this I have gotten to know you so much better and found a friendship that I'm sure will outlast any MGCC adventures we may yet face.

  10. Oh, goodness - you have written straight to my heart! At our Bible study this week, we discussed how we should be willing to stand up and share our God stories weekly - and that's exactly what it sounds like the video project is all about. God truly is working through you, in more ways than you can ever know! I'm so glad to be encouraged by you and your wonderful friends. Have a 'love-ly' week!

  11. It is a privilege to be a part of MGCC. I was just over at Anneliese's blog and read how God lead her. You and her are kindred spirits. The video you did together reflects beautifully and clearly the heart of MGCC. You are a gifted administrator and we bless you as our leader and sister in Christ.

  12. What a wonderful ministry. You are so right, God uses us in ways we never would have imagined, if we just keep ourselves open to him and follow where he leads. That's such a good reminder, as I often tend to think too small.
    I love what you all are doing with your gifts and your rich storehouse of recipes, and your willingness to give the financial rewards of that work to help others in our world. What a tremendous blessing you are.
    Your blog always brings a smile to my face!

  13. Oh you and Anneliese were so so wonderful in the video - gracious, articulate and honouring to the Lord!! Way to go!!! I'm cheering you from East coast :)


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