Praise Baby

These days...Grandgirlie refers to her baby sister as...
"the baby".

"The baby" eighteen months old and doesn't seem to mind the title bestowed upon her.

Last week one Grammie Day I was having a particularly tricky time since Grandgirlie was needing  a team mate with a game...
and "the baby"  had not been invited.

I remembered that I had not pulled out my Praise Baby DVD with this "baby" yet...
so I popped it in and popped her in her chair with a pre-nap snack...
and peace flooded "my soul"....the home.

If you have a special friend who will be a Grammie soon...
add this to the "new Grammie" congratulations card.

It might not be something you enjoy watching...
 but the gentle voices of the children singing will change the focus of your day.

You just might find yourself turning on the Praise Baby...
when 'the baby' goes home.

all for now...


  1. I could have used this recommendation a few years ago. =D She's so cute in front of the tv enjoying her dvd and snacks. Have any recommendations for the older set? I'm on nonni duty tomorrow for the day through supper. It could get exciting. No, it will get exciting.

  2. You can't go wrong with something that catches The Baby's attention and soothes a Grammy too!

  3. Grammie to Grammy hints are always welcome! I have three new 'baby' dvd's on order as we speak. But maybe I need one more.

  4. I've never heard of these - good to know. I love your suggestion to give this as a gift to a new grammie - I know a few right now who would love this!

  5. That music has brought a good focus to our day as well when the grandkids are here. Great back ground music I find myself and the kids singing along too....and the little ones really are captivated by the southing music along with the pictures. It is a good gift idea!

  6. i own every one of these dvd's (5, i think) and i have yet to get sick of them! i discovered them when tristan was a baby and at times they were the only thing that would calm him down from crying. eventually i began using the dvd's as part of our naptime routine. we'd cuddle together on the couch and watch a song or two before i'd bring him up to his room to bed. now, when i put one on for background music/images while ava plays on the floor, tristan hums along to the songs while samuel excitedly points to the different animals and names them. and now that i hear they're great for grammies too? i think i'll hold onto mine and use them when i have grands of my own ;)

  7. I know what you mean by the calming effect those DVDs have on you. I was introduced to those with my toddler granddaughter when they lived in Phoenix. Every early morning when I'd take her to get some breakfast, she would point to the TV to turn on a Praise Baby ... it was part of her morning bottle routine and just as good for me as for her.

  8. Oh I didn't know about these videos! Thanks so much, Lovella, as I will definitely buy a few for my grandsons.

  9. As a relatively new Grammie I'm eager to learn all the tricks of this new stage of life. I'll be looking for the Praise baby soon.

  10. Will get for myself for use at our house and another for our son for use at his house. Thanks for suggesting this.

    Tell "the baby" that Big SIS will be packed off to Kindergarten soon and then she won't have to play second fiddle any more...that you have special "secret" plans for just you two. Of course don't let Big SIS hear...unless you want to drive her crazy thinking about what fun she is missing while at school.

  11. That is so sweet and I'm glad peace filled your home!

  12. Not just for babies, my son would love this!

  13. We have been enjoying the Praise Baby CD with our twin grandbabies for over a year now. Our life group bought it for us and everytime the babes sleep at our house they hear it and so does Nana. Love it

  14. I wish you would have shared this piece of valuable info a few years ago. I now have it on my "to buy" list. I have another little grand due in August and I will be including it with my card. Thank you for sharing!


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