Pastors Appreciation 2012

Last year while we were cleaning up after the Pastors Appreciation Dinner....
we decided that we would serve them Mennonite food this year.

And so...
that is what we did.

Linda made the cabbage rolls.

If you know her...
you understand why she got the job.

She managed to create perfectly same sized cabbage rolls out of  heads of cabbage that do not have perfect same sized leaves.

We made Zweiback...
because we knew that if nothing else would be tasty for them...
everyone loves a bun.

We made Wareneki.

I rolled...
while they stuffed them and pinched them shut.

A very gifted person came with flowers.

She created decorations surrounding the bounty of the earth and the tools that reminded us of the past.

A tablecloth that was given to me for a wedding gift was centered in the very long table.

Give us this day...our daily bread.

The candles were lit..
and the table was set.

As they arrived...
I cooked the noodles for the chicken noodle soup..
while the simple green salad waited for the second course.

We gave them the "very short" version of why we eat the food we eat.
We sang the Doxology...
and they ate.

Inspired by the popular restaurant idea of dessert trios...
we plated a still hot  (fried them during the main course) Portzelky,
a piece of Rhubarb Platz and a  piece of Bienenstich.

When they were filled to capacity..
we brought little bags for them to take their favorites home.

While we cleaned up...
we planned the menu for 2013.

Thank you again to Richard and Dorothy our amazing hosts and Sweet Dreams Inn keepers.

all for now..


  1. I have no doubt that your pastors were so blessed by your generosity and kindness. Quite honestly, whenever you all put your hearts and minds into a project, it is so blog worthy! This dinner is no exception. What a lovely dinner and so beautifully done, for men that deserve it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a lovely tradition. The dessert plate looks like a treat!

  3. What an inspiring post Lovella! Your pictures are stunning and I can only imagine how good everything tasted, smelled, and looked! It looks like you treated all the senses on this occasion. Is this your church's kitchen? It's beautiful! Such a lovely way to honour your Pastors.

    1. Rosella...sorry I should have mentioned again that we do these at our friends luxury inn. I added it to the post now. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. A beautifully presented meal made with love and appreciation for those that serve. A blessing indeed.

  5. Thank you for blessing your pastors. It makes me, a pastor's wife, feel blessed just reading about your love and appreciation.


  6. You do know how to treat your pastors well! Beautifully done...everything. And it looks like you had a lot of fun doing it.

  7. What a very lovely event. Everything looked like it came out just right. Love the flower arrangements and the table! I'm sure the pastors felt appreciated...

  8. I have to smile when I think that for some or maybe most of these pastors of a Mennonite Church, this was unfamiliar food. As glad as I am that ethnic background does no longer play a part in who pastors the church, or who sits in the bench, it is good to know some of the history.
    In the end, what matters is their love for the Lord and wanting to know Him better and we have wonderful pastors who need encouragement in days when the truth is not alwayss popular. It is the fight for the truth and the persecution thereof, that has brought so many Mennonites here. May we also remain faithful to our heritage.
    Lovella, I can tell the servers had joy in doing this! I love that!

  9. Lovella
    The food sure sounds yummy and the tablesetting is lovely too.
    Your Wareneki resembles a small pie I used to make called

  10. What an amazing meal! I'm sure your pastors were very pleased and enjoyed this special treat.

    I'm very impressed with Linda's stuffed cabbage rolls being so perfectly formed. I'm inspired to take my time and do a better job the next time I make them.:)

  11. That sounds wonderful!!!! Too bad we don't live closer.....I'm sure they all felt very appreciated after that beautiful evening.

  12. WOW! THIS seems like a perfect meal to me! What a blessing you are to serve these pastors in this way!


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