Mid February

Where does the time go?
It can't be mid February already...
or is it?

I seems I barely put away Christmas and the theme of red...
and now it won't be long and we will be thinking towards Easter.

It takes effort to live in the moment...
doesn't it?

I remember a time when my life was about the future and the plans I anticipated.

Relaxation with a capital R....  might be within reach...
but I do not want to not miss a day between now and then.

all for now...


  1. I think just sitting at your beautifully set table would be so relaxing. I too, am learning to relax more and stress less. Those cookies look so good!

  2. Such a lovely table! Yes, soon it will be Easter and Paska season. The mere thought! Of course you are right that we must not rush time. It's going plenty fast enough.

  3. R&R...often implies rushing and running! Right? Just enjoy each day...whatever it brings.

    It's looking most pretty over at your table!

  4. Live in the moment...live in the now. That's been my mantra with so many things on the horizon. We really don't want to miss the sweet blessings along the way. Beautiful table Lovella!

  5. I hear you! The moments create the memories for tomorrow.
    Pretty table....I'm sure the food will be amazing!

  6. It really does take effort to live in the moment. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy every one of them! Your table and cookies look wonderful!

  7. Living in the moment .. so hard to do sometimes... and yet really the secret to full and happy living isn't it ?
    The 'present' is the only gift of time we have!
    I agree... your photos are lovely!

  8. While we aniticipate tomorrow, today is slipping away quicker than we realize.
    As my mother-in-law often said (in German) at the end of her life, "Where are the days, where are the years?" I had the sense that she would have loved to take a hold of them and do them again.


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