Birthday Dinner Delight!

Last night we were invited to Scot and Kathy's for dinner.
OH... boy...we were happy.

Look at her beautiful table.
Did I say we were happy?

It just so happened that the Canucks were offering up some entertainment for the evening.

They even dragged out the entertainment to the last possible moment...
winning in a shoot out!


Oh the things that come out of the Big Green Egg.

Delicious pizzas.  
Two different crusts and different toppings.
I'll keep those secrets for her to share.

I'll  just to allow you a peek at the dessert share plates made for two...

Did I mention I was happy?

I'm very blessed too.

Today the rain is pouring and the house is dark...
but I have a bit of cheer in the back of a mini-van...
hurrying over ...
right now.

I best go make some noodles for lunch.

all for now...


  1. It was a fun evening....I was happy too. You have's snowing here in our part of the valley. I'm glad it's a stay home day!

  2. What a beautiful way to be treated! Oh boy, that dessert looks good!
    Yup, I saw some snow flakes coming down. Enjoy being home today with your little guests.

  3. I'm glad you had a delicious dinner with good company!

  4. great food, great company, great friendships, what more can a girl ask for :)

  5. You're always assured of being treated like Royalty at Kathy's. Glad you were treated to such a lovely meal for your birthday.

  6. Oh how wonderful for Scot and Kathy to treat you to such a lovely meal for your birthday! Looking forward to her sharing her creations with recipes....

  7. Glad you enjoyed a happy b-day celebration with such wonderful friends! That looks like fun and the food looks scrumptious. Hmm - wondering about the famous Green Egg???

  8. Oh I'm so tickled that I was curious about that green egg because I found Kathy whom, heretofore, I have been unable to find. Didn't know that she had a blog. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    It is no wonder you were happy. What delights! Sounds as if you enjoyed a fun evening with friends. Good friends, good food, good tv, and a great reason to celebrate equals happiness.

  9. That looks like one perfect meringue. Glad you had fun.

  10. Those goodness! I'm heading over to Kathy's to find out about the pizzas.

  11. I think you are spoiled ! :-) But when its all love what can you do but enjoy it and count your blessings!

  12. Good friends sure do know how to make birthdays special! What a perfect way to spend an evening. Their home is loveely! The desserts look like the ones served in a fine restaurant. I am sure your heart holds many fond memories of your birthday.

    Your new banner picture brightened my morning.

  13. What a special birthday-- I was drooling over the dessert!

  14. What a pretty table setting and wonderful birthday dinner! Happy B-Day!


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