the amaryllis plants

I think she has done her very best!
I set her outside for a photo op yesterday.
She quivered in the chilly breeze.
The lighting was better outside...
so I took her photo quickly and rushed her back indoors.

Her table mate...
stayed indoors.
She did not go out of a photo op.
She has no stem...
 and no bud.

Was she of an unmotivated tendency?
Is she just a late bloomer?
Does she refuse to own her purpose in life?

Many different analogies came to mind.
I'm sure you can just imagine what was swimming around my mind.

At the end of the day...
I just put  her back on the table and gave her honorable mention.

Did you all watch the Oscars last night?
We caught the end...
with the important bits.
I will see the highlights today with the best and the worst dressed.

that reminds me of my Amaryllis again.

all for now...


  1. Yes, I guess you have an example there of the best and worst dressed. I'm hoping that "the dud" (how rude to call names) comes through for you.

  2. Your analogies are so clever. I hope the other one blooms for you too (I can identify with that one). BTW - love your bright and cheery new header.

  3. We had one that waited until early summer to bloom - she grew to the beat of her own season!
    I'd rather watch the Oscar highlights than the whole thing - somehow the banter of the presenters annoys me rather than amuses me. I watch the evening news and just get to see the happy faces of the winners!

  4. My amaryllis blooms boldly...and looks dazzling red. Mine had no table mate with which to she takes the awards all around. I'm always amazed what can come from a bulb in the soil!

  5. Best and worst dressed....I like that. Give her a time she just may come into bloom:)

  6. I guess I'm strange, but I like the green plant just as much or more than the flowering plant with no green leaves . . . who looks like she forgot to wear pants... or maybe she confused tights with pants?

  7. Your amaryllis is beautiful! It will be nice when the second one's turn to bloom happens as you will have a longer vision of beauty!

  8. Your two amaryllis have such different personalities! Perhaps the one really is just a late bloomer...maybe next season! My pots of amaryllis which stay outdoors all year long down here, are just putting up new leaves, about 8 inches long now. Soon the stems will appear, or I certainly hope they will!

    I just caught the end of the Oscars last night too. It's fun to see all the "beautiful people" once in a while.

  9. Who but you my friend, could write and hold my interest in the thoughts and intents of an Armaryllis plant? The analogies worked well and I thank you for the smile you gave me.


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