Tim and Ellen

Yesterday we were out for a good part of the afternoon.
Our TV was left in charge of our evening entertainment.
Our friend Tim visited the Ellen show yesterday.
She had him on for his glam girl shot.
Glam girl shot?
Oh yes. .

You can leave for an intermission and check it out here.

In those days. . .
Safeway employees had to keep their hair off their collars.
My beloved and Tim worked together during their prime.
They were best friends ..
and as couples  . ..Tim and Flo and us became  fairly inseparable.

Since the newspaper is not likely going to call my beloved for an interview . ..
I thought I would ask him a few questions here.

Me . ..How long was Tim's hair back when you first met him?
Him . ..It was off his collar but stretched half way down his back.

Me . ..Is there anything you would like to tell us about those days?
Him. . .I used to stick spaghetti into his hair while we were stocking shelves and it would stay there.

I don't actually remember Tim's hair as displayed in his Glam Shot. . .
but I sure have seen that photo . .
though not quite life sized.

Tim ...
we always have thought you were a fun guy. 
We claim you as our friend .. 
and we have the pictures to prove it.
It's time for us to have our updated photo. .and we'll get you to sign it.

all for now . .


  1. Now that's a great afro! Too funny! Love the photos of the 4 of you over the years!

  2. oh my goodness!!! How fun to look back in time and laugh at oneself!!!!

  3. That picture of the four of you on a bench...I have the same picture of Keith and I and another couple on that bench! And I think we are all waering very similar clothes.
    Circa 1995 or so?

  4. I saw that on CTV news last night - it was hilarious! I wondered if any of my mainland friends knew the fellow with the hair, and I was right!

  5. Oh...that's funny! He will get a lot of 'glam girl' ribbing in the next while. We have the segment taped...but forgot to watch it last night.

  6. Thank you Lovella for your post - we have so many great memories, and of course Tim making us laugh -most often at some crazy thing he would do! When we started dating his afro was at it's largest - that was quite the hair. Thank you all for watching - he will surely get bugged at work today - 'glam girl'...!

  7. Oops - I forgot to sign my name to the last comment - Love, Flo!!

  8. Flo I should have added that he can still make you laugh and we love that about the two of you! We'll see you soon!!

  9. I remember Tim like that!
    Lovella mentioned something about watching Tim and Ellen... it went right by me! So I missed it.
    That photo makes me smile! I hope I see him at Safeway today.

  10. I remember the afro. He babysat me a few times. My grandparents lived across the street on Princess. I think they even had carpet up the wall in the basement...nice!
    Adrienne (Penner)

  11. Oh fun! Is Julie in the dog house with her dad? I was actually wearing a grin over Flo's and your hairstyles through the years. She had one that I want now!

  12. too fun -- it is so wonderful you have such cherished friends..

  13. Oh those glamor days...I have some of those sitting nicely in an album.
    Some day I will need to show the gals. What we don't have fun doing.
    I did not know Tim, but I recognized Flo and was very good friends with her sister Marge.

  14. hey hey hey Lovella & Terry, thanks for the pics of the younger Glam Guy and the whole Glam Crew!!!!! Just watch out for those star wackers! Love Tim

  15. How fun is that! I remember Tim having big hair....I'm sure their kids loved this whole event....and that he will be ribbed real good for a long time. Sounds like he can take it! You have a special friendship!:)


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