Out delivering gifts!

Especially for Jill.
Get better soon!

I thought this might make my Millinery friend Smile!

Love to you all. . .


  1. It will! And it made me smile, too. Gosh, I'd love to see you arriving at my door. Have fun!

  2. Merry Christmas, Lovella!

    You are beautiful and I love your hat!


  3. Have fun - it may not be a white Christmas, but it's a frosty one!

  4. Sending my love to Jill too.....I know she will love you in that sweet hat.....love the pin:) As I type I have on a braclet and scarf......love 'em!:)

  5. Oh, Jill will perk up seeing you in that hat. I love it!

  6. You as always make me smile and I know many will smile at seeing such a stylish woman out doing errands and such.

    Have fun, for both of us OK?

  7. I'm smiling too! Very classy outfit for running errands. I don't think I'll send Jill of photo of my get-up!

    Adding my 'get well' wishes to this post!

  8. Great shot...I remember that hat..and loved it. Yes, in honor of our friend, Jill, I too hope for her health for the new year.


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