Let it snow

There they are. ..
smiling at me the whole time I'm cutting. . .
and now sewing.

Cutting is the worst part.
I think I've said that before.
It is "worst" enough to mention it again.

It seemed like miles of fabric.

When the cutting was all done ..
I had some left.

I'm guessing their might be some pillowcases to lay their sleepy little heads on.

I'm happy to report that not one snowman will be standing on this head when the grands have their pajamas on.


  1. you are tooooo cute! i love this fabric and i do have to agree that cutting is definitely the worst - the WORST! when i'm quilting i always look forward to the end of the cutting - all those pesky little pieces. anyway, cheers to you for getting the snowmen standing up straight! what a hoot!

  2. OK...you got me. That fabric is terrific! I'd sew five, no seven pjs out of that fabric...including a set for me and B. !

    You sure the extra fabric couldn't be used to make doll jammie to match?

  3. PS: Cutting is a drag, but cutting from yards and yards home washed and drier dried fabric is the worst.

  4. I think on my Santa list...I added a warm fluffy pillow case.
    Love the rolls of fabric..and of course all the warm thoughts that go with your message.

  5. Woohoo! I'm glad the snowmen will be standing tall on their ...on their what? They don't have feet. Oh well, love this fabric. Snowmen always make me smile!

  6. Oh, I like the idea of matching flanel pillow cases!
    I was hoping for snow today ...

  7. What cute Christmas morning photos there will be this year.
    I'll bet that a few upside down Santas would make a wonderful Christmas 'remember when'.

  8. Super cute....love the PJ idea! You just have to make you and grandpa a pair..really...the little ones would love it and the big kids would have a laugh.

  9. I'm with Jill...cutting from fabric that has been washed and dried is the worst! But the fabric is too cute...and the snowmen would like fine doing head stands. How is the sewing coming along?

  10. This is adorable fabric, Lovella! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for snow people ;) Your grands will love their new "winter" pj's!

  11. That is cute fabric! My girls have flannel sheets with snowmen on them and they are so cheery!

    Can't wait to see a photo of them in their pjs!


  12. I am smiling at 'not one snowman will be standing on it's head'. I remember the last ones:)
    The jammies will be so pretty..and cozy! And the snowmen are fun no matter at what angle they appear!

  13. so Cute! You are an ambitious Grammy!

  14. You never cease to amaze me with your talents. This fabric is adorable! I think some little ones will be thrilled this Christmas, and pillow cases too...perfect!

  15. Do you have those handy-dandy electric scissors? They make cutting so much easier. I think this fabric is sweet. (How'd I get so far behind here? I think your blog isn't updating again.)


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