In the way back

Photo's seen on this blog are usually mine.
But today they are captured by someone with a soft spot for this little boy.

They hung out in the way back . ..
which is not that far back but far enough to feel like an adventure for a four year old.

The best thing about Grandpa's  is. ..
they still remember what little boys love to do.


  1. Too cute! I see the farmhand has his JD all figured out.

    Just wondering...can Grandpa light fires over there any time he feels the desire? Over here...we first need to go to the city hall and fill out all the required paperwork...and hand over the $$...before we are granted a permit. And even then...there are so many restrictions, it almost makes a pyromaniac want to move!

  2. Oh, what fun for a little boy. His own vehicle, a campfire and time with grandpa! Love it.

  3. Ben still has not forgiven us for not getting him a a riding jeep for two when he was little. =)
    I'm debating whether we'll have to make it up with the grands or see if he actualy goes and buys one . . . now that he is a dad.
    Someone captured some great shots there. Is four not such a wonderful age?

  4. I wondered how Jake (my baby grand) had made it to your place, but I see that your grandson is sporting the same hat! Too cute.

  5. That's the best yet...hanging out with Grandpa and his JD...
    The grandpa at this end decided he,with two grand boys he would need more JD"S around to help with the farming...I think he has his Christmas gift this year.
    It's not about Santa Sleighs but about the JD!

  6. Oh yes...danger and fire and all fun boy things! Love it!

  7. Grandpa certainly had all the right elements for a great 'guy' day!

  8. That is so neat! I'm sure they will share many wonderful times like this in the future.....the ramp will only get much bigger and grammie may not want to watch:)


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