Happy End of Movember!

Is that a collective sigh of relief I am hearing across Canada this morning?
My oldest boy . .
bless his heart ..
joined thousands of men across Canada (and around the world)..

They did well.  The Canadian men raised over 36 million.

Go Canada!!  

They take a pledge against the advice of their wives. .(and mothers). .
and refuse to shave their upper lip for the entire month of November.

They have a lot of fun with it....
(as you can see from his Movember Mug shots for his pledge page)
but more important ..
they are raising awareness and hopefully by the time they are of a certain age. . 
the cancer that afflicts so many men will be completely curable.

He popped in after work yesterday.
He looked a little dirty and a little rough around the edges. 
( I thought if the Pioneer Woman can post her man look filthy dirty. ..so can I)
 I like to keep things real here on my blog so I am posting his NMovember look and his attempt to clean up before going home to his beloved.

He asked for the clippers. .
and the garbage can ...
and I
left  watched him
in peace to remove the worst of it.

He saw me with the camera . ..
I think.

I just love that boy man!

all for now .. 


  1. Too funny! It's a new month...and farewell to many moustaches across the land! I have a son-in-law who joined the Movemeber movement. His wife will be happy to see it end as well!

  2. Farewell to my husbands moustache! Yet, his growth started many a conversation this month, raising awareness. His friend and father beat prostrate cancer this year, so it was especially meaningful.

  3. Okay, I'll have to admit...before I read the title of this post, I saw the photo and thought it was some kind of wanted poster! oops. LOL. Happy December indeed!

  4. Boyd did the same thing.....all the men at his work joined in making a difference and having fun at the same time. Who ever came up with this idea was brilliant, as we all continue to hope for a cure for cancer.

  5. A lot of the docs joined in here as well, and I must say, some of them probably scared their patients! It'll be good to see the Mo's go.
    I had not heard the statistics but that is incredible...hopefully the funds raised will go a long way to finding a cure for this terrible disease.

  6. First time I've seen this. It looks like a fun way to raise money for a good cause.

  7. I saw that on the news...too funny. All the trends one needs to watch generations become involved in.
    We will need to join the Cure Breast Cancer walk. I did it once and what a worthwhile cause.

  8. Some men can wear the 'stash' and some can't..or shouldn't:) Hey your son is sporting a pretty good one! All for a good cause.

  9. My daughter's fiance joined in on the movement and we were all happy to see the end of the fund raiser - as successful and worthwhile as it is!

  10. How cool is that?! Way to go, Canadian men!! What a worthy cause and he does look rather handsome in a mustache, no?

  11. What a wonderful son (man)...
    He has done a great thing ... yah for him.... and I am sure his wife is very proud of him too...I know his mother is.....

  12. That is fabulous Lovella! Fun money raising campaign!

  13. I'm am just so glad mustaches went out of style.. but watch them come in soon enough.
    You can and should be proud of your boy! I'm sure he cleans up quite nice.

  14. funny and thoughtful movement - my father has Prostate Cancer - it's has totally filled his body now --
    hoping for the best..


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