the family christmas 2011

We had the family for the noon meal yesterday.
With a bungalow full of little ones...
it seems that having the meal ready when they are walking in the door is the way to go.
It is hard to platter the turkey holding the little ones at the same time.
Just sayin'.
So ...the more that can be done ahead of time the happier this grammie is.

We celebrated Jesus's birthday in style.
We use our best dishes.

We started the meal with salad.
While the salad was eaten . ..
turns were taken to read part of the story.
This was the first time we did it like this and it will definitely become part of our tradition.
The little ones had a part to read too. .
and they held their part of the story with interest while their mommy or daddy read.

I have learned that children. . .
don't throw china on the floor . .
so all of us eat on our best dishes...
for Jesus's birthday.

After we ate . .
we opened up some presents.

I didn't manage to get photos of all the little ones opening their gifts.
If you have seen little ones open gifts..
you get why this did not happen.

The gifts were put away to take home after a bit and the cousins put some serious play time to good use.
There was a bit of napping by the youngest  ones . .
and a bit of yawning by the oldest ones.

At the end of the day....
I'd say the party was quite a success.
I think that if Jesus had come to the door . . .
he would have enjoyed the laughter . . .
the stories . .
and the children.

That is what I thought when I waved goodbye at the end of the day.

all for now . ..


  1. Hello, I come visiting via my friend Sue /peartreelane.. My name is Karen from I enjoyed you post very much and will be back to visit again real soon.. if you get a chance, I hope you will come by and visit a while with me as well..
    Have a blessed and happy New Year.

  2. Oh, I so enjoyed seeing how your day unfolded. Your table was lovely and the kids feel very special when they use special plates. Some neat gifts! Those kids are going to have fun with their new stuff! So glad to hear that you enjoyed celebrating Jesus with your family:)

  3. Lovella
    Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas celebration together.
    I love your idea of each person reading a part of the Christmas story. I think I'll try that next year.
    The table was set beautifly. It's good to teach the children when they're young that this is a special day where we use the best!
    Hope you and your have a very Happy New Year!

  4. So lovely. Ha! Children don't throw china on the floor! Next year we are going to do salad course while we wait for the meat to sit a spell. There never is a good spot on the big plate for salad anyway! :0)

  5. It looks like you all had a beautiful Christmas, Lovella. The joy of the little ones on Christmas makes it so extra special, doesn't it?

    My oldest grandson was one of the "bright stars" in the sky in his church Christmas Eve pageant. He was so happy to be old enough this year have a role and to understand the meaning of Christmas.

  6. What a special Christmas dinner, and I loved how each one were a special part of the celebration, even the children participating and having the good china too! What nice pictures of the children.

  7. I liked that little high chair...And it's beautiful how they get used to your best china for special occasions. I fail to bring mine out.
    Looks like the big boy enjoyed his guitar...and on it goes...and I loved how you shared the story around the table.
    That's always the most difficult part of the evening...before the meal or after the meal. Great tip.
    Hope you can relax and catch up today.

  8. Beautiful all around and I luuuuuv that idea of having the Christmas story broken down into smaller bits for everyone to read...brilliant!

  9. So wonderful! And I agree, most children do not throw china on the floor! I love having everyone around the table -- certainly a glimpse of heaven, don't you think?! Can you imagine the table spread for us in heaven?! Some serious china I think. We had the happiest Christmas.

  10. Beautiful Lovella! I agree with using the good china - I did too and when our daughter was young we used it for Sunday dinner as well - why not! I know what you mean about having everything ready so you can enjoy your guests - I might be a wee bit too much that way. Reading the Story in that way is a wonderful idea.

  11. Jesus would have said, "Wow! What a great birthday party! Thanks!"

  12. Oh He was very much there and loved every minute I am certain. Yes, taking pictures of the grands makes for lots of streaks and blurs. I'm so thankful that I'm not ruining good film. =)

    Your table was lovely, the gifts a're going to have a rock star on your hands...and the love just keeps on growing.

  13. Love this! I have to smile about the dishes. I like serving the kids with the same plates as the adults get too. Don't reallly see much harm in that... but the china on the high chair... I guess it depends on the child. I would not trust our youngest one. Love how we are in that stage of starting traditions ... and reading the story how you did is great!

  14. We always go to my siter's home for the big gatherings - they have a large family. As people gather in the living room as we arrive and chat, more kitchen chairs and floor space are found, then we each take a turn and read the Christmas or Easter story, sometimes from a storybook, or typed up by a teenager. I like the tradition. Dairymary

  15. I like that you ate out of your best china for Jesus' birthday...and that you included each and everyone in the telling of the Christmas story. Very special!

  16. I love the idea of each reading a part of the story while you are all at the table. It looks as though you had a wonderful family time.

  17. The grandies are growing up and look adorable! Everyone loved their gifts! Such fun! I am so happy to know someone else who believes little children can eat off of real china! I thought I was the only one in the world (joking). I totally agree with your analysis!


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