the dinosaur party

The most important thing that happened this weekend was a party to celebrate the lil' farm hands 4th birthday.
The flu picked this date as well. .
and when we arrived the party boy was laying on the couch and was not able to smile. .
one bit.

OH . sad.  I felt sick myself just thinking about it.
It did give me a pause of thought though and felt so thankful that he does not need to lay on the couch most every other day of the year.

I silently celebrated his overall good health  and thanked God for healthy children that have energy to spare.

He was not lonely on the couch. . .
he had his Grandpa close by. .
and that made me smile too.

His mommy being very creative . ..
had his theme party inclusive of a craft.
After some debate whether the craft should go ahead. .
Grandgirlie encouraged that it should and she glued and painted and produced a fine specimen to take home.

Kanneloni Macaroni kept a steady hand on her spikes for her dinosaaur.
Such concentration with vibrant results!

So. ..there were the two girl cousins. .

I hope they enjoy crafting together in years to come.

What did Grammie contribute you wonder?
I brought a dinosaur potato salad.

I suggested that they do a contest to see which dinosaur species it was.
What they what it was.

After his guests had eaten their fill....
he gathered the umph to open his gifts.

With hardly a smile to judge if we had chosen well. .
it was a relief to know that the next day he was carting his tools around in a sheet.

Grandpa. .is going to buy him a toolbox  today.  :)

Later . ..he huffed and puffed and blew his volcano out. .
and we ate his cake.

His real birthday is not yet for a few days ..
and I am glad that his flu at least is a thing of the past.

all for now . .


  1. It looks like you made the most of celebrating the birthday boy despite his illness! How sad for him to be under the weather on his special day.

    I love the dinosaur potato salad!

  2. Great party!
    Love the junior tool box gift.

    One grandpa used to buy his grandsons one real tool for b-days and such...creating a guy style hope chest for when the lad was to marry!

  3. Love that volcano cake! Very creative. Glad he feels better now and has his gifts to tote around. We bought Andrew a big boy tool box and filled it with tools for a Christmas present for him :0)

  4. Wow! That is quite the party with all those dinosaur themed things!!! What a shame Lil farm hand was sick!!! UGH!!! I hope you aren't next. :( Love the potato salad!!!

  5. poor little guy not feeling good on his b-day party. i am so impressed with your creative potato salad. what a great idea!

  6. What's with the no shirt many little boys are like that...
    By the you need some cute dinosaur PJ's? I just found some for Silas and they are so adorable.

  7. I just love those 4 year old birthday parties! Your family certainly knows how to throw a theme party....
    I'm glad to hear that The Lil' Farm Hand is on the mend/

  8. I love the creativity of our young moms! I also like yours...that dinosaur potato salad .. did you use a mold?
    Too bad he was sick for his BD. Paeton was sick for his dinosaur BD too, last year. It's not fun watching them knowing how excited they would really like to be and trying to be brave.

  9. Oh! I'm so sorry your little grandson wasn't feeling well for his party! I remember my daughter was sick like this for her 5th BD, and it was so sad.

    I hope he is all better by now.

    I love your dinosaur potato salad and the special volcano cake!

  10. That is too bad for your little fellow to have been sick on his birthday. I'm sure he was happy to have you all there...even if he had to watch from the couch. Looks like the little gals had a good time crafting. What a cute theme...and loved your salad!
    I hope no one caught his bug.


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