Cousin Camp....decorating the home

We baked up two cakes. . .
one for each family.
I divided up the candies and held the pastry bag full of icing and waited to squirt at their direction.

There was some wonder at how the candies might taste and it seemed sensible to try them to see if they were worth pasting to the home.

At one point . ..
it was noted that the one home was winning.
I enquired how it might be winning and was told it was all about finishing first.

That was the boy talking.

Grandgirlie took her time.
A girl needs to think where she might want shrubs and trees.

Not everyone is interested in home decorating.
Some people are just meant to entertain those that are busy decorating.

Indeed . .
Jesus does love the little Children.
He always has ..
and he always will.

all for now . ..


  1. Decorated by children..those are the best! Love that the little g'girlie is taking time to plan where each decoration goes:)

  2. What a sweet idea. I had to smile....the table cloth was perfectly and grandpa really know how to keep things clean.....we would have had sugar and sticky stuff everywhere....with little ones or not:) It's so fun seeing how your weekend went.....those kids will always remember these times....of fun and lots of love.

  3. I really laughed out loud at how anything and everything is a contest when boys are involved. Even decorating a cake.

  4. Oh what fun..
    Jesus does love all his children. Blessings.

  5. oh, what a blessing to be able to develop such good memories. You and Terry are the best grandparents! You are an inspiration for when I become a grandparent.

    Shirley G

  6. What a fun idea, Lovella! i have the same cake pan and next year I'll try to remember to bring it along with me so my grandsons can help decorate a house , or two :)

  7. What intensity on the little Blondie's face. She's totally into it. She'll probably be totally into it next year as well. As for boys...well, I've discovered that they don't have the sticking power of royal frosting. =)

  8. Always interesting how some get into the activity and others want to do something else...They are so cute in those PJS.
    I love it when they can be decorated..I have Mickey Mouse Cookies to be decorated on our ski trip.

  9. Oh what fun! It only makes sense that the candies needed to be sampled...and it looks like they still had plenty to adorn their homes. Most creative...their Christmas castles!

    When do we see the group pj shot?

  10. So sweet !!
    I see enough candies did make it on the house ! smile..
    Building memories that will never be forgot !

  11. That little nightie is so sweet -well done! Now that's an outfit for house decorating!

  12. Think how many children in the world would love to join a "cousin camp" like yours. You can even make decorating fun. You guys sure do know how to create fun memories.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!


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