cousin camp

Woah boy!
Cousin Camp starts tomorrow morning.
The deadline looms.
If these jammies are not finished . ..
I'll have some 'splaining to do.

Ruffles on the nightie hems . .
and elastic around the pajama waist . .
and hems.

We'll be ready.
I'll be waiting at the door . ..
and we'll wave good-bye to their drivers and the party will begin.

Report to come on Monday.

all for now . .


  1. Those are just the cutest jammies!!

  2. Wow - Lovella you are so amazing. Those jammies are fantastic! Can't wait for the "review".

  3. Four cousins this year...or is Little O going to attend as well?

  4. You'll be ready...I know! And what fun you will have! What about Grammie and Grandpa's pj's?

  5. So cute! Have fun at cousin camp!

  6. Can we all come?
    I love your enthusiasm as I think of conversations way back before you had any grands..

  7. Oh so cute! Let the "partay" begin for sure!

  8. Have a fantastic weekend with the grands. They are so blessed to have such grandparents as you and your beloved. They'll look so darling wearing their new jammies. Take lots of photos.

  9. You are terrific!!! Good for you!!!

    Well, stomach flu is finally over and I can start baking!!! Somehow I wish it were 8:30 a.m. instead of 3:30 p.m. :)

    As for sewing -- almost all presents are cut out -- just the sewing that is needing to be done......oh where to find the time!

  10. It's going to be a fun weekend, I can already tell. Those jammies are so sweet.
    Have a wonderful time making warm family memories.

  11. Nothing like coming to grammie's house....and the PJ's will be a hit...I can see the delight in their eyes already. My peeps are arriving any time for a sleep over.....the parents are having a Christmas party.....adults only. Aren't you glad you can treat your kids to some time away....have fun I'm looking forward to seeing the cousin camp in action....on Monday.

  12. I'll be back on Monday to see how it's all unfolded. I'm sure that the pj's were all done and much appreciated!

  13. You are a fun grandma!

    The jammies are darling...can't wait to see photos!


  14. I can imagine the fun and excitement around your place today!!

    I'm taking notes Mrs Grammie :)

  15. What fun there will be at cousin camp at grandma and grandpa's house!


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