Cousin Camp Saturday afternoon

After a hearty lunch of "Reindeer Bowties" Grandpa took the oldest two outside while I convinced Kanneloni Macaroni it would be to her advantage to stay inside with me while Little Miss Muffet napped.

I wondered if she would forget about going outside but the moment we heard chatting in the bedroom...
she was heading for her boots.

When we came around the corner of the barn...
there was Grandgirlie taking  the lil' farm hand for a ride on the "alligator".

Seats were swapped and the Gator was stretched to the brink of exhaustion.

The wagon which I bought at a yard sale has been around the farm a few times.
It doubles as a "container" and my entertainer did a fantastic job of producing giggles.

The horses next door were not in their fence . ..
and I could see that.  . .
but a trip across the field was in order to see if I was right.

The sun set at 4:15 and the vehicles were taken to the car wash before being parked in the shop.

They all know the drill.

If you do something over and over the very same way . .
they do not require explanation . ..
and I smiled at their acceptance of the washing.

There was of course...
offers to help.

Inside the shop . ..
everything on wheels was tested.

Even the flat deck trailer was tested for its load capacity . .
and Grandpa treated them to shaky earthquakes.

From there they moved to the quads.
Everyone took turns taking others on very noisy and scary rides.

Everyone . ..
was taken for a ride . ..
except for me.
They accept that Grammie can't do everything.

Had they been involved in a scientific study . .
the data would have shown. .
 that it is better to be squished together on a tiny island . ..
holding on tightly to each other . ..
than sprawled about the earth each minding their own affairs.
I hope and pray they cling to one another throughout life during the good and the bad.

all for now . . .


  1. Wow...I was gripping my Android harder as I went along on those rides. It is all about imagination isn't it? Glad all four were able to enjoy together a bit too.

    Re the vehicle washing on cold winter day: A prescription for a good anti obsessive compulsive disorder med in someone's future? Lol...I know how T. is so careful to keep all his vehicles squeeky clean!

  2. I can see that you two have such fun being grandparents! Merry Christmas! Dairymary

  3. What fun it is for kids to have a farm with all the latest! They are very lucky little kids to have all these things....but truly blessed to have the love of a grammie and grandpa who love them with all their hearts.
    Yes...may they continue to hold on to each other over the years.

  4. What could be better than cousin camp in the country...with lots of toys that 'go'...and a fire blazing in the backyard at all times? Great memories.

    It is hard to imagine that those cousins will not always be best of friends. Here's hoping it lasts...for ever and always.

  5. I loved this post ,watching the country life teaching them that there is more to life than technical toys..we are so lucky to give them these opportunities..the grandfather looks just as amused as the grand kids.

  6. Great post Lovella with wonderful thoughts and hopes!

  7. The fun! Those cousins will have memories to last a lifetime.

  8. Your creative way of sharing the day's events makes every post so very interesting. When I saw the children watching your husband washing the gator, I thought about all the things they are learning by example. What a fun day! Having cousins is the best!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Wonderful - so much fun! Those are very happy grandkids with very awesome grandparents.

  10. Oh I think they will, Lovella. They'll be such good friends all their lives. What fun to see all the activity and Grandpa and Grandma giving them a good time.

  11. You and your husband are gifted grandparents! Do you know that is rare in our day? You are giving your grandchildren such wonderful memories. What a blessing from God that you are able to do this. I kind of wish I was a kid again and could come by.....

  12. I like that the things you did together were normal things but what fun to do it together, even washing the vehicles, making lunch, getting to take awesome rides, :)

    Such fun!



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